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What a shame......................

It's a very sad state of affairs when a great friend has to block your email because her new partner is so terribly insecure....... blues sigh

Would you block all your CS friends after you find a new partner, I for one know that I wouldn't and I certainly would not ever expect my partner to do the same. If I'm together with her its because of mutual love and neither of us are looking for someone else. However should that change down the track there's no point to placing chains (restrictions) on the other person........... there's the door, you're free to leave..... roll eyes

If however one party chooses to ditch all their friends in an effort to prove to the other party how loyal their love is to them its akin to saying "Lets have a baby and that will fix our relationship for many years to come"..... doh

..... sad flower

Does Your Job Define Who You Are?

Do you enjoy what you do?

When you look for a partner, does their job play a big role in your decision?

What kind of job, career, profession do you want your prospective partner to have?

I believe every honest way of living is something to be proud of, specially when one works so hard to earn it. I'm not the type who easily get attracted by easy money, I prefer to earn every single cents and hold my head high, have weakness for pretty shoes but always make sure I live within my means.cheers
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This is me today..

It's a,
I want to fake my own
death, move to Mexico and
live off tacos and tequila
kinda day!!!cheers
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Tea or coffee,.................?

Whats your preference,.......................................................?


The most talked about person in my little commune is MWA laugh

Is she ill?

Has she run out of money?

Has a love affair gone wrong?

Is the police after her or Interpol?grin

But glad she is back with cuddles and grins etc.

Now what can be better than TRUMP

MEHE rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Fact or fiction

About 570,000 people die annually in the U.S. due to drug use. That breaks down to more than 480,000 deaths related to tobacco, about 31,000 due to alcohol, nearly 22,000 due to overdose from illicit (illegal) drugs, and close to 23,000 due to overdose from prescription pain relievers...

So 10 times as many people die from tobacco than any other drug and If you factor in alcohol , then only 45,000 deaths are caused by so called drugs either illicit or prescription.

I guess it's all about the $

Spend a few 100,000 on stopping drug trafficking and gain billions in tax $
Allowing booze and smokes


Do u ask any questions or do u just accept everything as is ?

Now I have been on cs a while now. I think I have picked up on all the anomalies. Now a question from me:-
Do u know who u r ? If so, how did u learn ?
Everyone learns the basics from being born, and taking that first breath. From there on it is question and answer till the day u die.
I ask my fair share of questions on a daily basis.
Some people ask more questions than others. Do u have any idea why ?
Is it personality, upbringing, influences, etc
Do u know ?


sigh its hard to trust someone who have been so disrespectful even if they lie to you cheated on you.

Love : A woman lies to you

Love is a verb, not a noun.
It is active.
Love is not just feelings of passion and romance.
It is behavior.
If a woman lies to you, she is behaving badly and unlovingly toward you.

She is disrespecting you and your relationship.
The words “I love you” are not enough to make up for that. Don’t kid yourself that they are.
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If you live in a home with open fire,it is indeed important to have a proper fire escape plan in place, especially if you have kids!

Making sure that you have an emergency suit case with all your birth certificates,passports and spare clothing handy.

How are you prepared for the eventualities like fire or robbery,would you even go that far to set up a panic room?

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