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Christmas Gifts

1,018 times played
2 comments, 10,120 views
Action Games

Help Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses! Can you put the gifts right into the chimneys?...

Crazy Taxi

51,284 times played
45 comments, 52,806 views
Action Games

Drive as fast as possible, dodge other cars and jump over them!...

Halloween Shooter

34,743 times played
71 comments, 50,643 views
Action Games

Kill as many pumpkins as you can.Shoot without miss. Get bonuses and earn more scores....

Forty Thieves Solitaire

277,917 times played
55 comments, 337,198 views
Card Games

Clear the 40 thieves in this solitaire card game....

Haunted House

71,832 times played
391 comments, 210,333 views
Action Games

Fun Halloween point and click shooter complete with spooks and trick-or-treaters... cute fun graphics and easy game play....

Yukon Solitaire

67,849 times played
14 comments, 96,853 views
Card Games

Play this Yukon version of solitaire...


692,162 times played
215 comments, 657,709 views
Sports Games

Pop all the red balls into the pockets....

Spider Solitaire

74,267 times played
18 comments, 81,409 views
Card Games

Play Spider Solitaire, one of the most popular solitaire card games....

Tower of Hanoi

1,912 times played
12 comments, 16,108 views
Logic Games

Are you organised enough to move a pile of ten pieces? Come and play!...

Santa's Sleigh

480 times played
4 comments, 10,017 views
Logic Games

Give Santa Claus his sleigh....

Christmas Tree Lights

26,693 times played
24 comments, 30,007 views
Logic Games

Solve the puzzle and light up the Christmas Tree!...

Snowball Throw

68,614 times played
868 comments, 265,846 views
Action Games

How good is your aim? Throw snowballs at Christmas themed targets. Hit Santa and get bonus coins to throw at. Throw as many snowballs as you can and get your high score!...

Snowman Skiing

6,480 times played
5 comments, 17,130 views
Action Games

Control the skiing snowman to assemble himself!...

Withered Tree Escape

3,999 times played
68 comments, 33,782 views
Escape Games

A Christmas Themed Escape the room game!...


NA times played
4,858 comments, 1,051,924 views
Action Games

Real time particle fx firework show! Auto show or manual show....

Missionaries and Cannibals

23,513 times played
66 comments, 42,560 views
Logic Games

Move the missionaries and the cannibals to the opposite shore. Don't let the cannibals eat the missionaries!...

Word Search

4,510 times played
14 comments, 22,432 views
Word Games

Search for the word with a given meaning....


4,524 times played
8 comments, 14,303 views
Strategy Games

Flank the opponent`s pieces with yours to turn them over and own the most pieces to win....

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire

49,424 times played
6 comments, 138,986 views
Card Games

Play this solitaire game with cards arranged in a pyramid...

Math Lines

21,775 times played
13 comments, 49,743 views
Puzzle Action Games

Destroy balls by adding to 10....

Eight off Solitaire

40,447 times played
20 comments, 70,556 views
Card Games

Keep eight cards in the reserve and play solitaire....

Beleaguered Castle Solitaire

36,697 times played
20 comments, 42,276 views
Card Games

Conquer the castle in this solitaire card game....

Terrace Solitaire

35,905 times played
10 comments, 67,711 views
Card Games

Play this popular and difficult version of solitaire....

Aces Up Solitaire

203,627 times played
24 comments, 70,748 views
Card Games

Remove all the cards until only aces are left...

Halloween Pumpkins

74,940 times played
35 comments, 62,881 views
Puzzle Action Games

Stack these halloween pumpkins together to destroy them. Beware of the spells of the witch!...

Candy Bags

12,440 times played
2 comments, 14,788 views
Strategy Games

Collect all the candies of a kind to win....

Bricks Breaking Hex

93,040 times played
31 comments, 74,551 views
Puzzle Action Games

Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game....

Pumpkin Candy

98,522 times played
6 comments, 14,990 views
Action Games

How much Halloween candy can you collect? Avoid the ghosts and collect all the candy....


108,011 times played
20 comments, 90,531 views
Puzzle Games

Match tiles to remove them in this classic game. Can you find a match within the large board?...

Hearts a Breakin

90,758 times played
1,085 comments, 414,162 views
Action Games

How many hearts can you break?...

Thanksgiving Dinner

21,310 times played
209 comments, 162,880 views
Puzzle Games

Arrange seats at the Thanksgiving dinner....


1,135 times played
8 comments, 22,158 views
Puzzle Action Games

Original Puzzle Game Mix n Match Kullors (cute brightly coloured creatures) to clear each level. Player Selects route through game....


2,621 times played
8 comments, 15,331 views
Puzzle Action Games

Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack in bad weather! How high can your brick tower reach!?...

Smiley Puzzle

30,727 times played
32 comments, 86,373 views
Puzzle Action Games

Slide the cute girly smilies to match 3 or more of the same color. Make combos, earn bonuses, break locks, and fill up the big smiley within the time limit! Beat all 12 levels in the timed Challenge mode, or have untimed fun in the Relaxed mode. New...


57,453 times played
141 comments, 179,782 views
Action Games

Colorful, fun, easy to play color matching, collecting, avoider game....