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To the owners of this site: I am most gratefulAs a long time member of this site, I want to acknowledge my gratefulness for the owners, moderators and anyone who is responsible in providing us thi...

lindsyjones215268 hrs ago6 mins ago

Kal. I was in Indonesia....exactly 50 years ago especially for your Independence Day celebration. Have a great day and my thoughts are with your lovely country and people....

AlanStagg7014 mins ago
itchywitch11566 hrs ago19 mins ago
The Virgosign on peeing in public

The Virgosign on peeing in publicParis 2018! Men can now whip it out and have a public pee. All legal and above board. This goes to show that nothing is a no go area any more. With...

virgosign11411Aug 1422 mins ago

Your knee-jerk reaction, please -You get on very well with a colleague of the opposite sex, have occasionally gone for drinks after work, and twice been to a film you both wanted to s...

Elegsabiff254524 hrs ago23 mins ago

Dirgahayu Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia ke-7373th Indonesia Independence Day (August 17, 1945. - August 17, 2018) “Kami menggoyangkan langit, menggempakan darat, dan menggelorakan samudera a...

Kalpataru13-43 mins ago

Rap musicI see.a lot of profiles that state they dislike rap music..i happen to like it.whats your taste?...

Bluesky60951223 hrs ago55 mins ago

Here are some excerpts from actual court cases...........Lawyer: Doctor, how many autopsies have you performed on dead people? Witness: All my autopsies are performed on dead people. Lawyer: Do you recal...

britishcolumbian4975 hrs ago59 mins ago

WHAT IS YOUR BEST RECIPE IN YOUR STATE?Bet some delicious recipe u cook of your specialty Can u share us?...

ysabeljhen981713 hrs ago1 hrs ago

A Pain In The BackThis morning I woke up with a sore back for a second day in a row. At first I thought to replace my mattress but I have a good mattress that I bought...

Catfoot2814818 hrs ago2 hrs ago

STUPID BLOGI sat down this morning and created a blog, it started out about a commercial I had seen on TV. It was about if you call this number they would send y...

wenever1812410 hrs ago2 hrs ago

RIPQueen of Soul Aretha Franklin dies aged 76...

MiMiArt129119 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Abortion V's the death penaltySo I'm listening to the radio a debate concerning the death penalty, the presenter mentions we Irish could never have a referendum concerning the matt...

itchywitch1579Aug 152 hrs ago
stringman14914Aug 142 hrs ago

andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great countrytax plan by trump was analyzed by peterson foundation. it is actually more complex another trump lie. also university of toledo study came out as i ex...

inafunk1402 hrs ago

Saying I'm sorryThought is was about time I manned up and said sorry So to the following: BiFF I'm sorry you came on my blog and brought a troll pony Itchy...

Onthcrestofawave2571718 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Trivial pursuitsHave you ever found yourself falling into a pattern of blogging a constant stream of complaints? Did it get to the stage where you found yourself rac...

AlecSmart41953Aug 152 hrs ago
Relating again

"Relating again"Forget relationships and learn how to relate. Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted – that’s what destroys all love...

owlsway1397Jul 264 hrs ago
Bearwoman24534Aug 135 hrs ago

TRANSFERENCE/Emotional ProjectionIn every day life the games that people play are very noticeable and they are driven by a subconscious agenda (our shadows) gleaned from our childhood...

daniela77734449Aug 156 hrs ago

dead............ If your life is not fun, filled with misery and pain. Then you wonder how it is to be dead.......... Do you then rest and...

jarred119-7 hrs ago

Yet another Trump presidential campaign worker, working on behalf of the RussiansLast night in the 'Daily Beast'; Trump Staffer Tried to Recruit Lobbyists for Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich Once he worked to get Donald Trum...

JimNastics66511 hrs ago7 hrs ago

A Few "Wilde" Quotes Of WisdomI´d like to share some favourites of mine and see how they resonate with you? 1. "To love oneself if the beginning of a lifelong romance" Popula...

daniela7778511Aug 157 hrs ago

She loves long moonlit walks along the ocean...Women often have great expectations for what to do on a first date. Stated in many profiles I've seen, they want those romantic walks along the ocean....

chatillion71814 hrs ago8 hrs ago

Smoking and its benefitsI am inspired to write this blog because a friend of mine told me that there are indeed known benefits for being a smoker. He said and I quote: It...

lindsyjones723100Aug 149 hrs ago

*Cough* *Hack* SpontaneityComing home from the doctor's, I'm a bit peeved that all he could do was look at the times my blood pressure was high in the past two weeks, and not a...

LadyImp928Aug 1511 hrs ago
Track1696622 hrs ago11 hrs ago

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo Beclowns himself again....NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: America ‘was never that great’ Thanks to the election of President Trump, we are in the midst of a process that I call “T...

Willy341124211 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Absolute Tragedy in Greece

Absolute Tragedy in GreeceWildfires causing havoc with 74 confirmed deaths, and nearly 200 injured. My sincere condolences to everyone affected and especially good wishes to m...

Lukeon22517Jul 2411 hrs ago

Men or women...Belief in the deadly "love at first sight"...Women many times more than men. Source of much disappointment/hurt---?education?...

Vierkaesehoch1015Jul 2512 hrs ago

F... (Sex) buddies....Women and men...Practical arrangements, or self delusion for the less than stable?...

Vierkaesehoch50212 hrs ago12 hrs ago

The art of hand pulled noodles...I came across some YouTube videos of noodles made by hand. Two different styles were featured in the same video. One is a Chinese man who pulls them b...

chatillion807Aug 1513 hrs ago

DOES MY PROFILE PIC OFFEND YOU?This is a serious question folks. I got this mail today, which I guess was more or less positive. However.......... *Hey, hi from Alps (holiday...

robbyreal1,361130Aug 1115 hrs ago

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhaaa...!!My "voice" was heard.. Thank you Mods for your kind attention....

Kalpataru97-23 hrs ago17 hrs ago

'I love people, but I do not trust them''I love people, but I do not trust them'

jarred124-18 hrs ago

Zucchini, Biking, and More Zucchini!Today's 'D' day - or better known as the day I return to my doctor for him to give me a physical and check my blood pressure readings. Fortunately, fo...

LadyImp12424Aug 1520 hrs ago

How to catch ones attentionI get soooo much wrong mail from so many bad men that I'm beginning to wonder in PM will anyone say/do anything to get someones/anyones attention arou...

itchywitch68147Jul 3020 hrs ago

Well, here's something you don't see every day.Florida has been invaded by Burmese pythons as the result of an intense storm that accidently freed these captive pets near the Everglades years ago....

JimNastics1189Aug 1422 hrs ago

Funny children's names: If your family name is Dover...Probably the strangest names for children came from musician Frank Zappa. His daughter was named Moon Unit and his son was named Dweezil. When Moon wa...

chatillion894Aug 1223 hrs ago

"TIME TRAVELING MAN"..(2)"It Was A Long Journey...............................Traveling At A Speed ..............................Thats Even Faster Than Light.....................

namaron23-24 hrs ago

True liesWhy do people build themselves up instead of being truthful on their profiles... The options are vast yet so many pick the most outrageous A fe...

Onthcrestofawave68152Aug 1424 hrs ago

"RAMBLIN MAN"...("RAMBLE ON")..(164)"This Blog Is For Some Of You People..........Most Likely Those People That Dont Actively Put Up Blogs...Or It May Be For Those Who Only Comment.........

namaron486-Aug 11Aug 15

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