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4 Warning Signs That The Man You're Dating Might Be A Psychopath

4 Warning Signs That The Man Youre Dating Might Be A Psychopath

A psychopath is described as someone with a chronic mental disorder. A psychopath will exhibit violent, abnormal, and unstable behaviour. It's easy to think that you'd easily spot a psychopath if you spent enough time with one, but they are good at what they do and can easily have you questioning yourself. Here are four signs that you might be dating a psychopath.

1. He's extremely charming

Psychopaths know exactly what to do and say to win your heart. He will sweet talk you early on. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He will also charm your friends and family. He's not just a nice guy, he's an excessively sweet person. When you suggest something normal, like going out for lunch, he will act as if you are the smartest person he's ever met.

2. He lies a lot

A psychopath will lie and lie a lot. You'll eventually catch him in lies and he will make excuses for them that sound valid. Because he's so charming he can make even lies sound like a good thing. You'll end up questioning yourself for being so upset. He won't stop lying after he's caught either. A psychopath will lie about everything and may even be carrying on multiple lives and relationships.

3. He claims to be a changed man

A psychopath will let you know exactly how he used to live his life. He will tell you he used to make bad choices, sleep with lots of women, and be a jerk to anyone who crossed his path. He will then inform you that he's completely different now. He's changed his life and is a much better person.

4. He will paint you both with the same brush

If the man you're dating makes you out to be the same person, he might be a psychopath. He will attempt to create a unique bond by claiming you have a similar background, and get each other more than anyone does. You may not have a similar background at all, but he will make things up in order to create that bond. He is good at mirroring who you are, your background, and even your plans for the future.

Dating a psychopath can be a very emotional and scary time. You will find yourself confused about who you can trust as psychopaths are very good at playing the victim when they are actually the abuser.

Comments (7)

A psychopath will fake normal human behaviour to fit in with whoever they are with,they are good at what they do.
Psychopath or womanizer the only solution to this riddle is his behavior after the meeting in real.usually these people described by the article is hating a real meeting even if they live in the same city since they prefer the safe virtual..paradise they created behind a screen
That fits the profile of every one you meet here. What key words..honestly alot of people have the simular life styles.
This is a perfect description of what we use to call a womanizer. Being called a womanizer is by far not a compliment; he's however not the criminal most people think of when "psychpath" is the subject an article.

Dating a womanizer is tricky, scary perhaps while you're not aware of the kind of man you are with.

... and never think this type of behaviour is limited to men only. The female equivalent is quite as treacherous. She may be called a 'man eater'. Stealing your heart and thinning your wallet will be her main impact. After she's gone, you'll wonder how you could have been so stupid.
Little to go on here. Someone who lies a lot is very undesirable anyway. A real psychopth is someone to run like hell from, or eliminate, rolling on the floor laughing Not just avoid.
what to do if they're your boss?doh
iam a poor lonesome psycho !sigh

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