4 Reasons Every Woman Should Date A Jerk

4 Reasons Every Woman Should Date A Jerk

Dating is all about getting to know what kind of people are in the large dating pool. No two people are alike, but there are definitely good qualities and bad qualities. There are traits you're more attracted to and ones you want nothing to do with. Dating a jerk at least once can actually come in handy for a few reasons. Here are four reasons why every woman should date a jerk.

1. You will appreciate nice guys more

Bad boys, or jerks, always seem attractive before you get involved with one. Their mysterious attitude seems to draw women in. It takes time to attain a jerk and the chase can be a thrill. The beginning of a relationship with a jerk might seem good. It doesn't take long for the excitement of dating one to wear off. All of a sudden he's less laid back and more negative and grouchy. He doesn't want to do anything or see anyone. A jerk's attitude will help you to appreciate nice guy much more.

2. You will learn the traits you really want in a man

Through dating a jerk you begin to get a sense of what you really want in a man. You may have thought dating a quiet man who held his feelings inside was something you'd be happy with. If you date a man who doesn't tell you what he's thinking and seems incapable of conversation, you'll figure out you want a man who talks more. Dating a jerk who won't help you with your heavy bags when he sees you struggling because he is involved in a video game will show you that you want a man you can count on to help you.

3. You'll be able to spot jerks more quickly

Once you decide that you're done dating jerks, being able to spot them quickly comes in very handy. Those qualities that you once found irresistible will now be warning flags. When you're dating in hopes of finding a serious relationship, you don't want to waste time dating the same type of person over and over.

4. You'll learn to respect yourself

Dating someone who isn't very nice will help you discover how much you're willing to take before you stand up for yourself and leave. You will grow a backbone through dating a jerk. You will not let another person treat you badly because you know how much it hurts. How many times will you let him call you names before you walk out? How many dates will he be late for before you feel disrespected? Dating a jerk will take you to places you never expected to be and will not want to visit again.

Dating a jerk isn't something you should do for an extended period of time. You also shouldn't do it with the intent of trying to change him. Women tend to have fantasies about turning a bad boy good, but that isn't something that generally happens. Dating a jerk is only beneficial for improving the success of your future relationships in life.

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I have met one head banger
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