4 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted

4 Signs Youre Being Taken For Granted

Over time people naturally become comfortable with one another. Both partners may not try as hard as they did in the beginning, but as long as some effort is still made and both people know they are still cherished, that's what matters. Here are four signs that you are being taken for granted in your relationship.

1. Important days aren't celebrated

If your birthday passes with little more than a passing acknowledgment or Christmas passes without any special plans, you and your relationship are probably being taken for granted. A romantic relationship includes celebrations of special days. Celebrating important days doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. It's about spending time together.

2. Your texts go unanswered for hours

If your partner is at work or school, you know they won't be able to answer your text for a while. But when texts regularly go unanswered for hours on end, it's natural to feel like you are being taken for granted. Your feelings are no longer being considered when this happens. If your spouse only texts you when it's good for them and expects you to drop everything and reply, this is a sign that you are definitely being taken for granted.

3. Your partner doesn't miss you when you're gone

If your partner doesn't care that you're gone for extended periods of time or doesn't care who you are with, this is a sign that you're being taken for granted. A partner who cares about you will want to spend time with you and let you know. Your partner might text you while you're out to say you're missed. A partner who seems to not care if you're around or not is one who is taking you for granted.

4. Your giving nature becomes expectation

When you're in a romantic relationship it's normal to want to do kind and giving things for your partner. When these actions become expected, that's when you are being taken for granted. Your actions are no longer appreciated as they were in the beginning. When this behavior begins it can cause you to no longer want to do those things you did before, not because you need kudos, but because you are not appreciated anymore.

Being taken for granted can be one of the worst feelings that you experience in your relationship. Being taken for granted can make you feel you no longer matter to your partner. If you're feeling taken for granted, it's important to discuss these concerns with your partner and figure out how to fix the dynamics of your relationship.

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