4 Signs You're Being Played By A Man Online

4 Signs Youre Being Played By A Man Online

Meeting people online isn't taboo anymore, but you still need to be cautious whenever your heart is involved. It's easy for people online to say things that aren't true and have them sound believable. Players are especially good at this.

When you meet someone online, it can be difficult to establish whether he is genuinely interested in you, or if he's playing the field. The words you hear might sounds right, but here are four signs that the man you're talking to online might be playing you.

1. He's a skilled sweet-talker

A player can be a very skilled sweet-talker. He can talk his way out of almost anything. You might be upset with him, but after he does a bit of talking you'll be thinking he's a wonderful guy again. A sweet-talker will not bring up sex and intimacy because he wants you to think that he's interested in your mind and feelings. He will use his charm to boost your ego.

2. He ghosts

Ghosting is the act of breaking up with someone, or cutting off communication, without actually saying the words. This allows the person ghosting to come and go as he pleases. He may taper off texts and never be heard from again, but he may pop up every few months, or even yearly, looking for a bit of fun. When he gets what he wants, or realizes he won't, he will disappear again until his next attempt.

3. He doesn't ask about you

A man who isn't interested in you won't ask anything about you. He won't ask what you did during the three days you didn't talk or how you're feeling. He may want you to carry the conversation and enjoy talking about himself, but beyond that he's really only talking to you to see if you're open to doing what he wants or to kill some time. A man who doesn't ask anything about you is someone who is looking to be entertained while he's bored.

4. He runs hot and cold

A player may run hot and cold leaving you feeling like you never know how he feels about you. One day he might talk about having a future with you, but the next he may act like he just wants to be friends. If his feelings are constantly changing, he's probably not interested developing a relationship with you.

Meeting a player online isn't uncommon. People enjoy being able to play the field. If you are interested in a finding a relationship, it's important to be able to recognize the traits of an online player.

Comments (8)

1. if i'm not mistaken this is how you copulate,... with boosted egos...
2. when i realise you take advantage of me as a presence i will reciprocate using you as a presence. it is only fair...
3. to ask about you, i need to substancially care about you, to do so, i would prefer if you have a mind of your own, rather than following generic advice, otherwise you are meat.
4.i have my ups and downs as you do. if i communicate them i ruin your day and don't love you enough, if i don't i am detached distanced and hostile. f*ck you lady.
It is true, plenty of man and woman players in here, in CS.
And they are A real people (jerk) not a scammer.
Becareful, the worst also can happened in the real situation. They dare to play joker when the time comes meet them in real !
I think those kind of people join CS for killing time and have fun only.
So sweet on the screen net but in reality is, they have wife or husband .

I always asking if they have facebook, we can see who they are in the daily real world and words.
Saddened to see the Staff writers here are so biassed against men

Those signs apply equally to women who play stupid games and the article writer INTENDED to be offensive or else they'd have left out the words 'BY A MAN' and would have used gender neutral language throughout the article.

I'd imagine it also offensive to lesbians who get played by other women ... why didn't you warn / include them in your (pseudo) concern for safety ?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing <<< that me laughing AT you, not with you Feminasties !
this goes both way women not only man play you but there women out there too that do the same. try being scammed by women online don't know if its a women or a guy just be careful who you talk to because there not only fish in the water there are sharks too
My favorite line What do you do for a living Honey. Like they have known you for a long time.rolling on the floor laughing
I'm just so excited when I hear those 3 little words - YOU GOT SKYPE!!!!
And then the silence when you say NO.
yep ! sadly thats what many men jointhese sites apps 4 many just want sex in any form they can get
so true an ur talkin cam sex or cyber sex n even phone sex, and or her doing the travelling for a 2 bit screw and if anyone cant see that then they ignorant to the cyber world an should soon catch on like most of us did
jarred1: "Its 99% right"(meet us in the blogs)

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