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Get More Views to Your Profile

Get More Views to Your Profile

Making use of site features is fun and will get you listed on more site pages and bring more views and attention to your profile. The more you participate and use the site features, the more other members will get to know you. Familiarity makes people comfortable with you, and can create chemistry. Why not try one or more of the following:

1. Add a Photo

Most members search by photo-only... don't you? Profiles with photos are shown on more site pages, giving your profile more chances to be seen.
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2. Add a Blog

Adding a blog to your profile will get your profile listed on the Blogspage where more people will see it. If you write about something someone else is interested in, or state an opinion that someone else agrees with, this will encourage them to write to you.
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3. Post your favorite Video

If you watch videos on Youtube, and find a good one, why not share it with other CS members? Your profile will be listed on the Videospage and will give members a chance to get to know you. If you have made a video of your own... even better! Share your band or music. There will be a link to your video from your profile.
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4. Add a Poll

Want to know what the majority of CS members think about a certain issue? Then post a poll. Your profile will be listed on the Pollspage giving it more chances to be seen.
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5. Tag your profile

You can give your profile tags (or keywords) to help you find members who share a common interest and to help them find you. (examples: dancing, flea markets, wine tasting, biking, reading, etc.). Your tags will be listed on the Tagspage and the tag will link to your profile, giving your profile more chances to be seen.
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6. Join a group or start one

Find a group on the Groupspage that interests you and join it to meet others with like interests. Or start a new one. Joining a group will give your profile more chances to be seen.
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7. Add Music to your profile

Adding music to your profile will get you listed on the Musicpage and will get more views to your profile. Talking about a favorite band or CD is a good 'ice breaker'... a good way to start a conversation. To add music, either find music you like on the Musicpage and click the "add this CD to my profile" button, or if the CD you like is not already on the site then you can add it.
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8. Add Movies to your profile

Adding your favorite movies to your profile will get you listed on the Moviespage and will get more views to your profile and may prompt comments from members who have seen the movie. To add movies, either find movies you like on the Moviespage and click the "add this Movie to my profile" button, or if the Movie you like is not already on the site then you can add one.
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9. Add Books to your profile

What's on your bookshelf? Adding a favorite book to your profile will get you listed on the Bookspage and will get more views to your profile. What you like to read shows something about you and may attract others with similar tastes. To add books, either find books you like on the Bookspage and click the "add this Book to my profile" button, or if the Book you like is not already on the site then you can post it.
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10. Create an eCard

Adding ecards to your profile will show off your creative side, get you listed on the eCardspage, and will get more views to your profile. Creating an ecard is simple and fun, and sending one may brighten someone's day!
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11. Write an Article

Adding articles to your profile will get you listed on the Articlespage and will get more views to your profile. Show other members your expertise in some area. Smart is sexy!
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12. Post in the Forums

Posting in the forums will get you listed on the Forumspage and will get more views to your profile. Meet new friends, and discuss interesting topics. Find a topic that interests you and join in the discussion or start a new discussion.
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13. Rate Photos

Rating photos is fun, and rating favorably will put you on someone else's "Who liked this photo" list. Being on these lists will get more views to your profile, and also may encourage those you give high ratings to write to you.
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14. Send Email

Do a Searchto find members in your area, and send them mail. It takes mail to get mail, and you never know if you don't try. Sending email will get more views to your profile.

15. Send Flowers

Do a Searchto find members in your area, and send them flowers. Everyone loves to get flowers, and this will get more views to your profile and even a possible connection!

16. Send Birthday cards

Go to the Birthdayspage to find members with recent birthdays, and send them an eCard or a Flower. Receiving eCards and Flowers on their birthday will make their day, and is a great ice breaker!

17. Send Friend Requests

Send Friend requests to other members, and you will appear on their Friends List and the Recent Friendspage, which will get more views to your profile, and will make you more friends!

18. Become a Fan

Become a fan of another member, and you will appear on their Fans List and the Recent Fanspage, which will get more views to your profile, and will make you more friends!

19. View Profiles

If you have "Who's Viewed Me" turned on and you are logged in, you will appear on other member's Who's Viewed Me lists when you view their profile, giving your profile more chances to be seen. You may get more mail to your inbox from people, who see that you've viewed them.

20. Write Photo Comments

When you see a profile that you like their photos, leave a photo comment! This will get you listed on another members photo comments page and the Recent Photo Commentspage and will get more views to your profile.

21. Write Testimonials

Do you have friends on this site or have you personally met someone here? Write a testimonial for them which will help them out, and will get you listed on their Testimonials page, giving your profile more chances to be seen. You will also be listed on the Recent Testimonialspage. If you do not know anyone on this site, then why not invite some of your friends to join!

22. Write Comments

Almost every feature on this site allows comments. You can write comments on other member's photos, Videos, Polls, eCards, Blogs, Forums, Articles, Music, Movies, Books, etc. Writing comments in this areas allows other members to get to know you and to know what you think about a variety of issues. It will get your profile listed on more pages, and you will get more views to your profile.

Comments (36)

Just tell the Scammers,..
"Who Loves You Baby", .not too many people on here?
Sell them your used Mercedes, you can give your Junk to them,..and not to a nice person,..kiss
Plain prophile is fine then.head banger
To anyone who listens carefully,
There's alot of nice women on here,
the exception of those who tell you they are in a different city while you're talking to her on this dating site?
Then when you're texting her she doesn't say where she is until you run her # number, and tell her number is a landline, in a different state where she didn't tell you from the beginning?frustrated confused
What's the point in getting more views if you can't even get a like or short message?
101 views in my first week here.
6 likes , 2 from scammers.
and a total silence to messages sent.
I've never been on any site like this before, what am I doing wrong?
Hey beautiful people, I am looking for a girl in Paris, kindly request to message me if you are interested in what I am doing in Paris. I own a company and teach Music, by passion. Thanks laugh
I can't see any button on a profile to send a friend request?
Hello I am francis and I am new here ,I am looking for love for marriage ,I sure I will get one here so if their are some blessing beautiful woman between 18 to 60 she can meet me in my inbox thank you so much everyone here who will ready my message, I speak English, French and bit Germancheering
Hey all anyone single from NZ in here???
I am arguably, the loneliest man in the whole of South Africa. I long for love so desperately, that I will do almost anything to have someone, who would love me, for who I am. Love has been evading me for years now and I cannot handle it anymore. I thought I found love, but love left me 3 days, before Xmas - leaving me to face the loneliest Xmas of my life and starting 2018 with the worse feeling I ever felt... the feeling of being rejected... AGAIN!!! I have so much love to give to the woman, who will be my sole mate. I am starting to doubt if there are any women in this world, who knows how to love a man like me. I am losing my belief in real, honest, true LOVE. It seems that it's only true in movies, cause in real life, it seems to be a fantasy... something we create in our minds, of what life should be like. The only thing I have experienced, that is real about it, is having your heart shattered, time after time after time. I dare anyone in my city, to try to prove to me, that real, honest, true, everlasting love, DOES exist, come to me and do so. I DESPERATELY would LOVE to be proved wrong!!!, but please, be honest... no chancers, cheats, scammers or players.
kalimeres se olous filoys site banana applause
I am new to this site. Wish I had knew about it much earlier as it seem to be nice. There´s one thing though that might get fixed here or created and that is all the people who hasn´t been here online for several years.
To me it´s destructive to go through the search and find someone who hasn´t been online for many years.
However I have been on several other sites and there are so many scammers. Hope this is not like them.
This site claim to try at least to get rid of them but there´s always a way for scammers.
Will try this one for some time and hope for the best. Thanks for all the advice that is flowing here.
Hello am new on this site and it's really impressive that we can send messages but unluckily for me I can not see who viewed my profile, and more so I have a question symbol on ( who viewed me) I don't know why.
But site is great, so any one with that also ???help help confused confused
I would like to have it as,,,,, "You can not look at profile till turn on """Who viewed you""" first." So that way you can see who had looked, but left no message. It would help on wasting time, to try and make contact with a person.
Also, should embed and question before sending a message. So the person being viewed, knows that the viewer is reading the profile entirely. WOW, that is a good idea AmIhim4U, so no just click and write, without knowing the person and his or her, kind of mate wanted!!!!
Wow what a list , didn't stop at 10, nor 15. OR 20. just kept, going. No wonder there is little luck online, geez
I am very new to this site,,
I am mizo indian and not india indian,,
I would love to meet someone an
european guy probably and fall inlove with,,
I am not into indian kind of thought and thinking,,
Any secure european guy can write me,,
Hi everyone. Hope you all find what your looking for xsmitten
who would like to be friends with me dont mind me being an african
Am ready as well babecomfort heart wings
Hi everyone.Honestly I am very impressed with this site and kindly I will have to use this opportunity to implement myself,I believe am here for my life companion yes my soul mate, hopefully and surely I believe there's someone here for me. Note:I'm not here for jokes so I need serious woman to live my life with because I have been waiting for this opportunity longer time, Enough of this loneliness. Thank you for accepting me
I hope 2014 will be the year when everybody finds somebody. It is splendid indeed. Take a LOOK AT THIS, Febuary 14th is that Day of Giving Heart. 2014/02/14 - what a nice time for a date! 2:14:2:14
looking 4 a gal near palmdesert California banana
Well I think there are some good men I have met some ,there was not the magic I am looking for sadly ..,but what really surprised me is how people can be so stressed,and sometimes agressive for no reason,if you want to meet a person who loves you you have to be loving and positive .good luck .
Fantastic site, keep up the good work guys. xx
It hard to find a really good woman out there
Hi,I'm from Sri Lanka,I like girls all over the world !
I am so into European and UK guys; I want to meet an english, a dutch, a german guy etc...:)
Great info!! I would like to find a Scorpio like me. devil
or a Leo who can handle my strong scorp traits :ange l:
I am from India looking for a good friend from abroad which ready to help me in speaking English fluently.I know English ,but I can't speak it fastly.I am trying to improve and I badly need to speak it fast.Interested ones...can help me,who don't expect benefits from it. thank you
Is it so hard to meet someone or did I put a bad photo in can someone give me a hint pls
if you looking for value and trust and love and caring and all nice thing then you have to dig very deep for it ,because no one going to tell you where is this nice things hiding you have to feel it then come and find it then i will be there for sure see you there <>
Hi everyone! I would like to take this moment to say a big thank you to Connecting singles creators! I think you made a wonderful creationcheering !
somebody Is there with real love ... I want to fall In love with someone who loves me as much as I love them!
hey my name Is john, I want a real woman In my life. I'm a hard working man and I do pay my own bills. I want some one that will love me for me. I love shopping sports and hanging out and I want to meet the woman of my dreams !
Great article Im looking for a leo man in the kent area age between 45 and 60 so hard to find.
I am most grateful to this important site and all who made it possible this way to bring love ones together all kudos to u.keep up the good work more grease to your elbow , every good deed has it reward your effort will not go in vain. but i feel i am a victim with my trustworthiness, seriousness,honesty in search your ladies do not reply me i am here for real not for joke, what will i doplease help me.

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