5 Signs Your Man Isn't Appreciating You

5 Signs Your Man Isnt Appreciating You

When your boyfriend or partner begins taking you for granted, it's a sign he's no longer appreciating you and the fact that you're in his life. Being appreciated is something that matters, no matter how long you've been together. There is never a time when saying "please" and "thank you" is no longer needed. There is never a time when either partner should become so comfortable that they stop trying. Here are five signs that the man in your life isn't appreciating you anymore.

1. Kind gestures are now expectations

You're a generous and loving girlfriend who loves to do things for your man, but when he starts expecting things because he's gotten used to them, he is starting to take you for granted. A man who appreciates you will realize that these actions aren't done out of obligation, but out of love.

2. He doesn't take the time to date you anymore

When you've been dating someone a while, it's not uncommon that dates begin to slow down. Dates are an important way to keep the romance alive. If you suggest dates for you and your man or let him know you'd like to resume weekly date nights, and he brushes off your feelings, this may be a sign he is no longer appreciating you.

3. He doesn't communicate with you

Communication is another important part of any romantic relationship. Women tend to want to talk more about feelings, but your man should at least be willing to listen and communicate with you when it's important. If you talk to your man and he doesn't respond and doesn't even seem to be listening, he may not be appreciating you anymore. He probably listened and talked when you were first together, so it's important that he put in the same effort now.

4. He stops grooming

A man who stops grooming might be becoming lazy in your relationship and not taking as much pride in his appearance because he isn't appreciating the fact that he has you. He's probably gotten comfortable with you, which can be nice, but it goes too far when a person stop showering as often, shaving, and taking pride in what they wear.

5. Intimacy becomes all about him

Intimacy in a relationship is important, but it needs to be about both partners. If your man stops wanting to participate in pleasing you, but simply wants to have his needs met, he is taking you for granted. You are not there to please him alone. Intimacy is about two people and should be treated as such. Don't be afraid to remind him of your needs and wants when it comes to your intimate relationship.

It's easy to become comfortable in a relationship when you've been with someone for a while, but it's crucial that no one is taken for granted. No one in a relationship should ever feel unappreciated.

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