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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Beginners – a Man’s Guide

Valentines Day Gifts for Beginners a Mans Guide

Valentine's Day is the one day exclusively devoted to letting your partner know how special she is. When it comes to romance it truly is the thought that counts and this should be reflected in your gift. Gifts don't have to be expensive if they're unique. Use some creative thinking and make this Valentine's Day surprise a memorable one.


Flowers are always a good gift for your lady, but try making this years Valentine's Day gift better by upgrading from the normal grocery store purchase. Visit your local florist and, for relatively the same price, you can have a bouquet of flowers wrapped and packaged in a way that shows you've given extra thought to making her feel special on Valentine's Day.
Hint- Potted outdoor plants don't spell romance, so don't even look at them.


One can never go wrong with a gift of candy on Valentine's Day, but you can easily kick this up a notch by resisting temptation to shop at the neighbourhood convenience store. Check out your local candy specialty shop where they can provide you with a nicely boxed assortment of sweets for a relatively inexpensive price. That special woman in your life will appreciate the little extra effort.
Hint- Chocolate bars and bulk candy do not count as good Valentine's Day sweets.

Movies and Theatre:

A Valentine's Day gift of movie passes is always a pleasant surprise. Change this up and elevate your woman's pleasure by giving tickets to a live theatre performance. If the second ticket is given with the intent of you accompanying her, make sure she knows this or you could find yourself sitting at her place babysitting the dog while she goes with a friend.
Hint- To be a Valentine's Day success, the show has to be for her enjoyment, not yours.


Romantic dinners and Valentine's Day are made for each other. The trick for taking it from good to great will rest with your imagination. Think different, think unique. Think about places where you usually go.. and cross them off your list. Try going for authentic Asian or European foods. If spicy foods are a concern, simply ask for it to be toned down. Give it some thought and the Valentine's Day dinner can be an occasion you'll talk about for months afterward.
Hint- Romantic dinners do not include fast food outlets, staying in your vehicle, or eating with plastic cutlery.


If there's ever a safe gift, jewellery is it – and a Valentine's Day gift she can wear is always a winner. The jewellery doesn't have to be expensive, or elaborate, but must be personal. A light necklace, bracelet, or anklet will make your lady smile until next Valentine's Day.
Hint- Make this gift one she can wear every day of the year.


Articles of clothing may be good gifts for a birthday, but not for Valentine's Day. It's very difficult to show some romantic spirit with a gift of clothes. Some will say that lingerie represents the romance of Valentine's Day, but does it? Perhaps a gift of lingerie is more for the man's viewing pleasure than for his lady's enjoyment. And maybe it's a combination of both.
Hint- The gift is for Valentine's Day, something to make her feel special ... not an item she needs.


What better gift for Valentine's Day than a cruise, or mountain getaway? If you're already thinking about giving her a trip, then you really don't need any advice for buying a Valentine's Day gift.
Hint- Don't have any hints for this one!

Let Valentine's Day be every day and your love life will reap the rewards.

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