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How To Make Him Crave You

How To Make Him Crave You

If you're interested in a man, but he doesn't seem to be as interested in you or he runs hot and cold, there are things you can do to ignite his interest. Men are not complicated, but they do get bored. If you're predictable, this is one of the traits that may be keeping him from craving you as much as he could.

Having a man crave you is a wonderful feeling, but it's not something you want to manipulate. You can get a man to crave you by adopting new habits in your personal life and your dating life. Here are five ways that you can make the man you like become much more interested in you.

1. Don't nag him

Men are not motivated by nagging. By nagging a man you will turn him off and he won't be eager to spend his free time with you. So when he doesn't text you as quickly as you want him to, leave him alone. Forcing a man to contact you when he isn't ready isn't flattering. You want him to come to you because he wants to. You can achieve this by not sending him five texts before he's replied to the first one. Being a calm woman who isn't always clawing at him for attention will cause him to crave you.

2. Be busy living your life

A woman who is independent and happy living her own life is very attractive to a man. When you don't need a man to keep you occupied because you're active in your life, he will crave your attention more. He will find your life as interesting as you do and he will want to be part of it. A woman who does more than sit in front of the television or on her phone every evening is more interesting to talk to than one who has a few hobbies and activities each week.

3. Be unpredictable

If a man knows that he can text you any time of the day or night and you will reply within minutes, that is bound to get boring. Instead of always being available for every text, phone call, or date don't be afraid to spice things up and be unavailable sometimes. This doesn't mean you need to play games or lie. Just get out of the habit of always being available to him and his schedule. Being unpredictable will make a man crave you because you'll always be on his mind. He'll be wondering what you're doing and where you are. He'll work harder to be able to spend time with you.

4. Don't tell him everything at once

You don't have to tell the man you're dating everything about yourself within the first few dates. You can make a man crave you when you don't expose yourself to him completely. He doesn't need to know you're entire weekly schedule complete times you take Italian lessons and the night you meet the girls for drinks. If the topic of siblings doesn't come up until the fifth date, that's okay. There is no need to rush information. By letting details out little by little he will be curious about you, think of questions to ask you, and want more of your attention because he has a desire to get to know more about you.

5. Compliment him

Men love to be complimented. Your man will love to hear that he impresses you with his brain, his strength, and his good looks. He wants to know that you want him. Knowing how into him you are will make him crave your attention. He wants to feel like he's something special to you. If you treat him like he's any guy off the street or a friend, he won't crave you as more than a friend either.

Getting a man to crave you isn't about games and manipulation. It's about understanding what gets men interested and adjusting your own habits. By following theabove tips you can have the man you're interested in craving you as well.

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I'd like to think 'craving' someone is a form of anticipation. Thinking of them, what they've shared with each other, and waiting to/go do it again so being mysterious, cheeky, wicked and sexy helps along the way.
Think that is not a good idea what good would it be like that
Super advises , just need to find my Man and will do the best I can to make him crave me peace

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