4 Signs You're A Woman Who Is Too Available

4 Signs Youre A Woman Who Is Too Available

Being available to someone you are interested in isn't a bad thing. It's when you are always around, leaving absolutely no mystery, that it becomes a problem. When you are too available, you appear to have no outside life or interests other than the man you're dating. The following are four signs that you are a woman who appears to be just too available.

1. You accept last minute date invites

Once in a while it's perfectly acceptable to accept a last minute date. When it becomes a habit that a man asks you out at the last minute and you accept, this shows him that you are available at a moments notice. If you don't want to appear to be too available, don't accept last minute dates. If you do, he will soon realize that you have nothing better going on and will use this to his advantage by weighing his other options before asking you for a date.

2. You initiate most contact

If you initiate most of the contact between you and the man you're interested in, he might get the impression that you're always free to get the conversation started with him no matter what time of day it is. Sending him a good morning text is sweet, but you don't have to do it daily. You don't want to always be the person who has time to initiate contact because it can make the other person lazy about doing so. You will show him that you have the time to do the work.

3. You are eager to please him and fit into his life

You might come off as being too available if you are eager to abandon your life to become part of his. It's good to share interests in life with the man you're dating, but you don't have to devote yourself to his life in order to make the relationship work. Relationships are about compromise. If you are willing and eager to do anything possible to keep his life the same, so he's comfortable and make too many sacrifices of your own to join it, you will appear too available and possibly desperate.

4. You answer every text within minutes

If you answer every text the man you're interested in sends within minutes, you look like you were just waiting for his texts and had nothing else going on. If it's true that you have nothing much going on, it might be time to get some new hobbies. If you're just happy to hear from him and reply too quickly, make a new habit of finishing what you're working on before you reply.

Being too available makes you look desperate and that's not how any woman wants to come off in the dating game. Men are not attracted to women who are too available. Men are attracted to women who have their own lives.

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