4 Ways To Stop Acting Like an Insecure Girlfriend

4 Ways To Stop Acting Like an Insecure Girlfriend

Acting like an insecure girlfriend is not an attractive quality. Men prefer women who are confident, happy, and have their own lives. Here are four ways that you can stop acting like an insecure girlfriend.

1. Let him come to you now and then

There's no question that the man you're dating will enjoy waking up to texts from you, but it can also become predictable. If he knows before he checks his phone that he'll have texts from you, this could signal to him that you're insecure. That you don't trust that he'll text you if you're not there to remind him. You don't have to stop texting him sweet good morning messages, but every few days or so let him make the first move. Don't become predictable in the days you let him come to you because that will also become boring.

2. If you think he's being distant, don't confront him

It's easy to imagine that a man is no longer interested in you when he suddenly doesn't text you as you're used to. Remember that he has a life, a job, and other people in his life. His attention can't always be focused on you. Blowing up at him when he doesn't reply to a text within minutes makes you look insecure and will likely push him away. To act like a secure woman, allow him to reply to texts when he's able to. If you think he's acting distant, he's probably just busy or needs some time to himself.

3. Don't go digging into his past

If you're curious about your boyfriend's exes, resist the temptation to dig into his past to see what kind of women he dated before you. Don't ask your boyfriend about his exes and the details of their relationship and breakup or how many people he has been with. Doing these things makes you look insecure and you probably don't really want the details anyway. Leave the past where it belongs and enjoy your relationship with your boyfriend.

4. Have your own life

A secure woman doesn't need to cling to her boyfriend and his life. If you're insecure you will want to be with your boyfriend all the time. You'll want to join him and his friends for activities that you don't particularly like just so that you can keep an eye on him all the time. A secure, confident woman knows that her boyfriend is into her and won't go chasing after every woman that crosses his path. Know that he's with you because he likes you and wants to be with you.

Acting like an insecure woman is one of the quickest ways to turn a man off and ruin a potentially good relationship. If you have insecurities, it's a good idea to deal with them before attempting a relationship. No one else, not even a boyfriend, can give you the confidence you need and deserve.

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