5 Things You're Doing To Drive Him Away

5 Things Youre Doing To Drive Him Away

Men and women are different, so it's important to understand men in order to have a lasting and happy relationship. When you learn the things that bother men and women, you can work to not do them anymore. This may be difficult if you're used to treating men a certain way, but you can create new habits. Here are five things that you might be doing to drive the men you date away.

1. Your texts are pointless

Just because texting is quick and easy doesn't mean that you should be texting him every random thought you have. Doing this will annoy the man that you're involved with and cause him to read and reply to your texts less often. When he begins texting you less often, you will likely get upset and text him more aggressively, which will drive him away. To avoid this series of problems only text him when you have something important to tell him or ask him. By doing this you'll have him more interested in reading your texts. Rest assured that he doesn't care about your co-workers hideous dress or your best friend's latest fling.

2. Your high expectations

Having high expectations creates a lot of pressure for a man. If you let him know that you want to live in a large home with a pool, two luxury cars, and a nanny for the four children you'll be having, this may be enough to drive him away. It's perfectly fine to want a nice life for yourself and your family, but if you expect him to make enough to make all of these things possible for you, it's unlikely he'll stick around. Be the kind of woman who is happy with what she has and doesn't have unrealistic expectations that few people can live up to.

3. You compare your relationship to other people's relationships

Comparing your relationship with your man to your best friend's relationship to her husband or boyfriend and how fast they are moving compared to you is a bad idea. This creates a lot of pressure and false expectations about what should be happening within your relationship. Each couple moves at their own pace. Just because your sister is three years younger and engaged doesn't mean you need to rush things and get engaged as well. Drop all expectations that you need to hit certain milestones by a certain age or point in your relationship and make these decisions as a couple. By constantly pointing out to him that other people are getting married, buying houses, and having children, you will drive him away.

4. You act like his mother

It's one thing to be a caring girlfriend, but when you begin to hover and take care of his every need as though he's a child, he won't feel like you see him as a grown man. Men are quite capable of taking care of themselves. They might not do things according to your timeline, but they will get it done. If you nag your man and treat him like a child, you will push him away. Treat him like the responsible man he is and he might just surprise you. A man who isn't constantly nagged, but appreciated, is a man who will do what needs to be done.

5. You act like you don't need him

There is nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman, but when a man doesn't feel needed, he might just be driven away. You don't have to act like a damsel in distress to make your man feel good. Remind him of how you still need him by asking for advice about a problem you can't figure out, asking him for help with something you can't do, some heavy lifting, or reaching something on a top shelf. While these may seem small to you, they make your man feel needed. If he constantly hears that you can do everything yourself, you may drive him away because he doesn't feel useful to you, or like he can't find a way to make you happy.

To avoid driving a man you're interested in away, it's important to know what habits annoy men. It might not be easy getting out of habits you're used to, but doing so may save your relationship and make it happier for both of you.

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