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How To Be More Interesting On A Date

How To Be More Interesting On A Date

Whether you're on your first date with a man or your third, you never want to be seen as boring. Being interesting on a date will lead to more dates, which is what you probably want. Here are four ways you can be an interesting date that will fascinate any man.

1. Have an opinion

A woman with an opinion of her own is more interesting than a woman who agrees with everything her date says. If you truly agree with his opinion, that's okay. Don't go out of your way to disagree, but don't be afraid to say what you think if it varies from his point of view. Being able to have a healthy debate can make a date more fun and show your date that you're an intelligent woman with a mind of her own.

2. Suggest trying something new together

If you're out to dinner with your date, suggest trying something together that you've both never tried before. This is not only fun, but can be a bonding experience. It may be something that you end up laughing about in the future depending on the experience. Being able to step outside of your comfort zone together and not feel self-conscious makes for an interesting date.

3. Ask follow-up questions

If your date is talking about something he's really into, show your interest by asking follow-up questions. If he's a runner, ask him when his next race is. If he's an avid reader, ask him for a book recommendation. Being a woman who enjoys learning about others and their passions makes for an interesting date. Your interest in learning more about one of his hobbies may even lead to a future date where you experience it together.

4. Don't be shy about talking about yourself

Listening to your date is very important, but don't be afraid to talk about yourself. If you've just started learning a new language, took a kickboxing class, or recently visited the most historic site in your city, let him know. These things will pique his interest. Not only will you be seen as an interesting woman who has an exciting, active life, but it will keep the conversation going.

Being an interesting date will lead to more dates than if you're quiet, timid, an unwilling to step out of your comfort zone. The man you're dating will crave you more when you are fun and have things to talk about.

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