8 Relationship Deal Breakers

8 Relationship Deal Breakers

We all understand that people are different. We have different likes and dislikes. We tolerate things differently. There are some issues that should be considered deal breakers though. These are things that shouldn't be put up with for any reason. Loving someone isn't always enough to put up with bad behavior. Here are eight things that you shouldn't have to tolerate in a boyfriend.

1. He wants to control what you wear

No one has a right to tell you what to wear. Not a friend or a boyfriend, or a husband. He can certainly have an opinion, which he can respectfully express. In the end, the decision about your clothing, hairstyles and makeup are your choice. He may attempt to manipulate you into dressing the way he wants you to by getting angry at you or threatening to leave. Don't fall for these tactics.

2. He wants his family to be number one

While it's good to be close to one's family, it's another to expect his family to be number one, while ignoring your family. If your boyfriend expects you to be close to his family and attend all his family functions, but ignores your family and refuses to reciprocate, that is a problem. Don't let yourself become isolated from your family to make him and his family happy. Your family matters just as much as his.

3. He belittles your emotions and opinions

If you have an opinion that differs from his, does he get angry or insulting? If you tear up when talking about your grandmother who passed away four year ago, does he comfort you or does he roll his eyes? If the man you're dating doesn't respect your feelings now, he won't suddenly begin to in the future.

4. He blows you off at the last minute

If your boyfriend has a habit of blowing you off when something "better" comes up, he's not respecting you or your relationship. Once in a while when something really exciting comes up it's fine to reschedule a date, but if it's not important or happening all of the time, it's a real issue. Your boyfriend likely thinks it's okay because you put up with it and then accept another date.

5. He ignores calls and messages

Does your boyfriend constantly ignore your phone calls and text messages? Unless he's very busy at the moment you call or you call him too much there is no acceptable reason for this to be happening. Pay attention to what he talks about when he does call you back. Does he only seem to want one thing?

6. He's no gentleman

While you probably don't expect your boyfriend to stand every time you enter a room, you probably like to have doors opened for you. Some gentlemanly actions don't go out of style. Basic manners for example are always appreciated. If your boyfriend has the attitude that if women wanted to be treated equally they deserve no special treatment whatsoever, don't expect him to ever become a gentleman. This is the best it's going to get.

7. He's lazy

Laziness is an unattractive quality in everyone, but when it's someone you're dating it can grind on your nerves even more. Does your boyfriend hate to work? Does he whine every morning about how he'd love to stay home and do nothing? If you've also noticed that your boyfriend doesn't pick up after himself, help with chores or want to go out and enjoy the world, you've definitely got yourself a lazy boyfriend.

8. He's a mama's boy

Having a boyfriend that loves his mom is a wonderful quality. But dating a mama's boy is anything but wonderful. A mama's boy will run to his mom any time you two have an argument. He will expect you to pick up after him and care for him the way she does. In the battle between you and his mother, you will never win. A mama's boy will always side with his mom.

If you're looking or someone to spend a lot of time with and possibly even marry, it's important to see them for who they really are. We don't always want to acknowledge the bad qualities, but doing so saves a lot of time and pain in the end.

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My ex GF had 6 of these going on. Of course, she would say she didn´t roll eyes
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