The Body Language of Flirting

The Body Language of Flirting

A man or woman who is flirting will often exhibit unconscious body language. Many gestures are the same for men and women, while some are unique to one gender.

The man across the room seems interested in you, but you're not sure if he's flirting. He might be fidgeting, fixing his tie or straightening out his shirt. Trying to decipher the nonverbal clues of the opposite sex to translate exactly what he's trying to communicate can be confusing. People will give subtle clues in their body language to indicate interest in the person they are talking to. These hints can be confused with nervousness, making it difficult to read a person's body language.

Men usually do a few things to show when they are interested in a woman. A man may initiate touch when he is flirting; he might place his hand on the woman's arm for example, or lightly touch her hand. He will stand straighter, tighten his belly, hook his thumbs in his belt loops and slightly flex his muscles. He might raise his eyebrows to indicate interest, and his lips will part slightly when he is locking eyes with someone he really likes. He will run his hands through his hair. He often adjusts his clothing and fixes his tie. He may stroke his chin in a way to indicate he is thoughtfully processing what you are saying. If he's sitting, a man who is flirting may spread his legs.

A woman who wants to meet a man will try to get his attention by staring at him and decreasing the distance between them. She will come closer to him and might toss her hair or play with her hair in some manner. If she is sitting, she may cross and uncross her legs, take off her shoe, or have her shoe dangle off her toes. She may show interest by stroking her legs or she may play with a cylindrical object. Flirting women may lick their lips. The woman decides how quickly the physical relationship progresses.

There are situations that indicate a flirting person is not really interested in having a relationship, just interested in flirting with someone. He is only interested in the hunt. Signs that could indicate he should not be taken very seriously are looking around the room, speaking in a very loud voice and exhibiting exaggerated behaviors. Watch the way he is sitting or standing; if his head faces the woman, but his body does not, this could indicate he's not really interested.

When you are flirting with someone, look for certain body language that should be considered to indicate acceptance from the other person. If he is not interested, he might stand up and keep his arms folded across his chest; the hands might even form fists. If his body position is standing with an arm down and the other arm holding onto that arm, he is uninterested in you. He might yawn, frown, or look away. He won't seem to make eye contact with you. If he is sitting, he might cross his legs. He puts his hands in his pockets if he's standing, or he might do something to absolutely indicate disinterest. If you see him pick his teeth or examine his nails, then you know he's not interested.

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