4 New Dating Terms You Need To Know

4 New Dating Terms You Need To Know

Dating today is quite different than it was ten or more years ago. With the creation of the smartphone there are new ways to meet people, date, and interact with others. Here are four new dating terms that you should be aware of.

1. E-maintaining

E-maintaining is when someone is keeping you around (mainly online) to see how things go with you and others he or she is interested in. They basically want to keep you interested in them, so that they can keep their options open. They will text you from time to time, but rarely on a daily basis. They'll text you so that you don't forget about them. They will sweet talk you so that your feelings for them don't fade and then they'll disappear again for a bit. This cycle will continue to repeat until you're finally fed up and move on.

2. Ghosting

Ghosting is when the person you've been talking to online or even been on a few dates with suddenly disappears. A ghost will completely disappear and you'll never hear from the person again. It will be like you never met. You can text or call until you're blue in the face, but you'll never get the answers you want as to why the ghost disappeared. It's best to just accept the person is no longer interested and stop torturing yourself.

3. Catch and release

This is a term used to describe someone who enjoys the chase, but once that fun is over lets you go and moves on to the next one. You might find yourself attached to the person who invested the time into talking to you, romancing you, and seducing you. These type of people know exactly what to say to make you fall hard, and then they disappear. Catch and release is nothing more than a game to the person playing it. They have no attachment to you.

4. Megadating

Megadating should not be confused with cheating. Someone who is megadating is dating around, getting to know many potential partners at the same time. There may be a few different dates each week for an undetermined amount of time. Megadating can make finding love more efficient. Instead of dating one person for a while to see how it goes, you can get to know a few people during the same time period. Megadating is not an opportunity to have sex with multiple people or stringing anyone along to believe they are the one.

New terms come along with new ways to date and meet people. Because there are so many ways to connect with people, there are also many ways to avoid people. It's important to know these terms and what they mean, so that if/when they happen to you, you'll no longer be in the dark.

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