Is He Into You? 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

Is He Into You 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

Men can be difficult creatures to understand, and it is especially hard to get a grip on his thoughts when you are feeling like you're falling for him. How can you tell if he feels the same way? Here are 14 ways his body language will let you know that he's interested.

Holding Your Eyes

Most people make eye contact during casual conversation, but the trick is to determine how long he's holding your gaze.

If he looks into your eyes and keeps looking for more than five seconds, that indicates he's interested and wants to know more about you. If he's looking into your eyes when you aren't even talking, that's a definite sign that he's attracted to you.

Touching His Face

If he's touching his face while talking to you, it's a sign that he's thinking about touching you. When men have an urge to reach out and make physical contact but aren't sure if it's appropriate, they will subconsciously act it out on themselves.


Swaying is a sign that he is feeling comfortable with you. He may be reacting to good feelings he got in childhood with his mom. The boyish gesture of rocking forward onto his toes shows that he's feeling happy and lighthearted around you.

Taking Up Space

When a guy is attracted to you, he will open his body up to show off his size. He may stand a little taller, show off his chest or sit with his body spread out.

This behavior is a subconscious way of calling attention to his masculinity and showing that he can protect you.

Lip Licking

This classic indication of interest comes from a dry mouth. Your presence may be making him nervous enough that he feels the need to lick his lips.

Some body language experts have also suggested that licking his lips may mean that he'd like to be licking you.

Quick Eyebrow Lifting

This gesture can be hard to catch, but it's a sure sign he's attracted to you. People automatically lift their eyebrows ever so slightly the moment they see someone they find attractive. It only lasts a fraction of a second, so be alert.

Running His Hands Through His Hair

Men will turn to their animal instincts and preen when they are interested in a romantic partner. If he's fussing with his hair or his clothes, you can be sure he's trying to look better for you.

Pointing His Body

Notice where his body points when he's talking to you. Are his hips and shoulders squared toward you when the two of you are in conversation or are they open to the rest of the room?

If he points his body directly toward yours, he is showing that you have his full attention. He is also sending a signal to everyone else in the room that he is claiming you for himself.

Talking With His Hands

Does he use large hand gestures and movements when he talks to you? Does he seem more animated with you than with other people?

If he's using his hands when he's talking to you, it shows a desire to communicate. He wants you to understand him and find him interesting.

Opening His Lips

If his mouth falls slightly open when he sees you, it can signal attraction. He may subconsciously want to kiss you.

Looking to You

When a man is interested, your reaction will be the first thing on his mind. If he says something he intended as funny or especially thoughtful or if the group is asked a question, he will immediately look at you to see how you reacted.

Placing His Hand on Your Back

Where does he place his hand when leading you through a crowd or directing you toward another area? Applying pressure with his hand to the small of your back is an intimate gesture. He is showing you that he wants to be close to you and take care of you.

Getting Your Attention

We've all seen boys go a little goofy when it comes to getting attention from girls. Men are not that different. Hopefully, they have grown out of loud and obnoxious behavior, but they will find ways to get you to notice them.

If a guy takes every opportunity to show off his skills in front of you, he's probably trying to get you to pay attention.

Body language can tell you a lot about what a man is thinking and whether or not he's attracted to you. When he talks to you, pay close attention to what he is saying without words and you will get an accurate idea of his level of interest in you.

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Thank you for alleviating some questions that might be in the back of my mind. However I'm very mindful that there is no doctorate or accademical achievement that can prepare a woman to fully understand a man.
I personally think it's wiser for a woman to discover herself and to know what she wants. Should she do this, it is only then it will become easier to handle the advances of the male species.
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