Sending Signals: 11 Ways Women Use Their Bodies to Show Romantic Interest

Sending Signals 11 Ways Women Use Their Bodies to Show Romantic Interest

Determining attraction can be tricky. Maybe you are interested in a woman, but you don't want to set yourself up for rejection. How can you tell if a woman is attracted to you? Look for these 11 ways she uses her body, often unconsiously, to communicate that she wants you.

Eyes Wide Open

Notice her eyes when you are having a conversation. Do they appear to open wider as she talks to you? This indicates that she is trusting and opening up to you. It's also intended to have you see her as vulnerable and in need of protection.

Be sure to watch her pupils. They will dilate subconsciously if she is feeling sexually interested by you.

Touching Herself

Women will often reveal a secret desire by acting it out on themselves. Is she stroking her leg or lightly touching her neck? She may be thinking about what it would feel like to be touched by you.

Touching You

If a woman is interested in you, she will reach out to brush something off your shoulder or push your hair out of your eyes. Some women will playfully punch you or let her knees make contact with yours.

A woman may also pretend to touch you accidentally. She may bump into you in a crowd or brush against your chest when she passes by. If she is deliberately finding reasons to touch you, she is acting on a physical attraction.

Flushing and Blushing

Physical attraction will cause a woman's heart rate to climb, her blood to flow faster, and her metabolism to speed up. As a result, color can more easily rise to the surface of her skin.

Pay close attention to the skin on her face and neck. If it gets pink when you flirt with her, she is probably attracted to you.

Hip Action

Women are well aware that their hips are a sexual zone, and they will consciously or subconsciously call attention to their hips when they are trying to attract a romantic partner.

Does she exaggerate the swing of her hips when she walks away from you? Does she tilt her pelvis slightly toward you when you are standing. She may unconsciously be trying to pull your eyes to that part of her body.

Hair Tossing

Most women see their hair as a symbol of their beauty. When she smooths her hair or twirls it in her fingers, she is trying to draw your attention to her enticing physical qualities. She wants you to see her as attractive.

Fidgety Feet

A woman who is thinking of romance may move her feet more often than usual. She may flip her shoes off and on, or casually rub one foot against the opposite leg. She may even twist her legs together.

Playing footsies is a classic flirting technique. If she touches your feet with her own, she's telling you she wants something.

Head Tilting

Women tilt their heads to show interest in what you are saying. When a woman tilts her head in a way that exposes her neck, she may be subconsciously expressing her vulnerability and inviting you to admire the curve and smooth skin of her neck.

A woman trying to send submissive signals will often tilt her head down and then look up at you with her eyes. She may also tilt her head to shoot you a flirty side glance.

Handling Objects

Sometimes when women are aroused, they use objects around them to play out their fantasies. It is particularly common for a woman to expose her romantic attraction with her hands.

A woman may lightly finger the rim of her glass or stroke a beer bottle. When a woman can't keep romance out of her mind, every object within her reach takes on a intimate quality.

Wrist Exposure

Women seeking attention will subconsciously show their wrists. This is because the skin on the wrists is especially sensitive and vulnerable.

When putting her wrists on display, she may place her hands palm up on a table or fondle an earring. She will expose her wrists for longer periods of time as her attraction grows.

Secret Staring

A woman is probably not going to stare at you openly. Instead, she will steal glances and even long looks while you are looking away.

Keep her in your peripheral vision but pretend to be focused on something else. If she's taking the opportunity to check you out, there's a good chance she's into you.

The female gender can sometimes be hard to read, but women do give clues to their inner thoughts. By paying close attention to body language, you can become an expert at knowing when a woman is attracted to you and may be in the mood for love.

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Now I can be more aware.
Brilliant ! so true, and the funny thing is, it is mostly subconscious, and we cannot stop ourselves from doing it.purple heart
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