Forget Bad Boys: Women Like their Dating Partners to be Gentlemen

Forget Bad Boys Women Like their Dating Partners to be Gentlemen

Dating can be tough for guys. You don't know if you are supposed to open car doors or present a bad-boy personality. While having the courage to ask a lady out in the first place should be commended, you can improve your odds of a second date by behaving like a gentleman. Consider the following tips on gentlemanly behavior to ensure your date doesn't feign illness just to get away from you.

- One of the first rules of being a gentleman on a date is to watch your language. Most women don't want to hear your crude jokes or raunchy stories when they are just getting to know you. Save the swearing until you know your date better and can determine whether she is OK with the occasional curse word.

- Women can spot a faker a mile away. If you want your date to think you are the ultimate gentleman, be yourself and don't present a personality you can't maintain over the long haul. Unless you are just looking for a one-night stand, you will want your date to get to know the real you.

- Don't ask a woman on a date without plenty of notice. It's one thing if your work crew is getting together for drinks after work, but if you want to go on a romantic date, give a lady plenty of advance warning. She might want to purchase a new outfit, get her hair done, or have a manicure/pedicure before going on a date with you.

Improving your dating style is easy if you focus on being a gentleman. Women will appreciate your efforts and are more likely to welcome a second date. Do you think you will be applying these dating tips for men the next time you ask a woman out?

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Thank you for the advice.
And it's a 'yes' to the question that closes the article.
thumbs up
We need a guy that knows when to be a gentleman and when to be a badboy need both rolled into one devil heart beating
Excellent article! Gentlemen are rare to find these days!
This is certainly true!
Interesting read..I for one really appreciate a man with good manners, a true gentleman with good morals not a guy who feels he needs to impress short yourself
I am a independent woman however you won’t find me getting offended if you open a door for me cheering
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