Why Giving Up Blame Will Bring You Peace

Why Giving Up Blame Will Bring You Peace

It's understandable if you imagine blame is a reasonable response to getting hurt. We live in a society that has predominantly taught us to look outside ourselves to find what we want and apportion blame. However, blaming others intensifies negativity, making the situation worse. We have the power to change our thoughts and feelings, and this gives us the ability to make changes on the inside. You can't find peace if you point the finger rather than taking responsibility for your well-being..

When you blame people for your feelings, you give them the power to heal or damage you. Your happiness is in their hands because you don't think you can cope alone. You become a prisoner and victim since there's no way out of your predicament and you are helpless.

Playing the blame game unsettles and harms you, without solving problems or improving matters. Your wounds stay fresh because, without closure, you continue to beat the drum of someone in pain. If you had a wound on your body, you would visit a medical practitioner or stick a bandage over it yourself. Your emotional injury, though, is left to fester. Unless the person you blame for causing you damage helps you, you can't move on.

You'll experience healing if you stop attributing your pain to another person. Accept responsibility for your welfare, and you'll no longer be at anyone else's mercy. You'll have the power to do whatever it takes to heal.

Many people refuse to be accountable for their angst. They imagine others should pay for its existence. Such thinking is a fool's errand; it's a farce, as there is no chance of success. The transformational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, used to tell people who blamed others that snakebites don't kill. He would go on to say it was the venom running through the body that damages people. When you blame, you fill your mind with poison that destroys your peace. You injure yourself without the help of anyone else.

You have a choice. You can fill your mind with pain by not recognizing the part you play in your emotional welfare. Or, you can let go of blame and take responsibility for your feelings. Once you do the latter, your wounds will close; you'll heal and be empowered by your wise decision.

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I just don't care enough anymore to want to blame. I just need to find a new spouse ASAP. peace
Wise advice, even if it's easier said than done, especially when the blame is entirely warranted and demands a response.
However, I agree wholeheartedly. Blaming another person for one's bad decisions impedes on our ability to move on and compounds the hurt already sustained.
Forgiveness is the answer, as counterintuitive as it may sound, and it it cleanse the psyche as well as the soul.
Thank you for the wise words.

thumbs up
I agree with this healing and peace comes with acceptance and understanding of yourself and others
Yes the opinions and or behaviour of others towards us may create a feeling of confusion, anger bitterness etc and affect us emotionally however it is their thoughts feelings behaviour and they are responsible for them.
We are all responsible for our own thoughts behaviour and feelings which include
unforgiveness, anger, sadness frustration stress, joy, happiness inner peace
Letting go of negative emotions unforgiveness blaming others is always going to benefit us..not always easy process but definatly a healthy choice to make

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