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4 Types of Toxic People You Need To Avoid

4 Types of Toxic People You Need To Avoid

Toxic people don't benefit your life no matter who they are. They can be a relative, friend, or spouse. Here are four types of toxic people you should limit your time with or distance yourself from completely if at all possible.

1. Self-centered people

If you have a self-centred person in your life, everything will always be about them. It doesn't matter if you are having a relationship problem or you have a success story to share, the self-centered person will always be able to turn the conversation back to themselves. They may act interested in you to begin a conversation, but it won't last. This type of friend must always be the center of attention. They may even repeat stories many times because in their mind anything involving them is more interesting than anything new you have to share. Having a self-centered friend isn't worth your time or energy.

2. People who gossip

Gossiping is an unattractive quality in anyone. It's a waste of time to sit around talking about others behind their backs. People who gossip usually do so to make themselves feel better about themselves. Gossipers are negative people who prefer to see the bad in others. They may even smile to someone's face and talk badly about them behind their back. When you spend time with people who gossip, you may find yourself becoming more negative yourself. You may leave their company in a bad mood and feeling tired. They are energy vampires and toxic for your life. Choose to spend time with people who have better things to talk about, such as what goals they're trying to achieve or other positive topics. These are people who raise you up instead of drag you down.

3. Know-It-Alls

If you have a friend who thinks they know it all, you know how frustrating it can be to discuss anything with them. If you have a possible solution to deal with a problem, a know-it-all will have a better one. They will insist until they are blue in the face that they know the best way to do anything. You could be a professional writer and they will tell you they know how you could write better and sell more, even if they've never done it. Know-it-alls need you to accept their way of thinking and won't give up until you concede they are correct.

4. Manipulative people

Some people will do whatever it takes to get their way, including manipulating other people. If you've ever had a partner say "if you loved me, you would...", this is manipulation. They are using your feelings against you to get what they want. Other forms of manipulation are twisting your words to sound worse than you intended, or raising their voice in an attempt to make you give in and avoid a scene, or threatening to leave you if you don't do as they say. A manipulator may compare you to someone else so that you feel as if you must live up to them, thus giving them what they want. Manipulators don't care about what you want. They care first about having their needs met, even if it means hurting you emotionally or psychologically.

5. People who lie

People who lie can be toxic. It's true that everyone tells little white lies now and again, but people who lie constantly are not good for your life. If someone lies to you, they are doing things they know they shouldn't. This creates a lack of trust in any type of relationship. If your spouse lies about where they've been even once, you'll begin to always wonder if they are being honest with you when they say they'll be somewhere. If you have a friend who regularly says she'll meet you to have lunch, but never shows up, she is a toxic person you don't need to waste your time on.

Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes. They can seem nice on the surface, but employ these tactics when they don't get their way. Avoiding toxic people as much as possible is your best bet for a peaceful and happy life. You deserve to enjoy healthy relationships.

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trump supporters. i avoid them like the plague rolling on the floor laughing laugh
6. Psychotic people ...nutters who insist you march to the beat of their drum. Won't listen to common sense or reason & can cost you a lot of money.
Absolutely true, and I make sure I do. handshake

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