12 Signs It's Time to End a Friendship

12 Signs Its Time to End a Friendship

Unfortunately, not all friendships last forever. Sometimes friends grow apart, or one person just begins to make life too difficult for the other. If you aren't feeling good about a friendship, ask yourself if there are signs that it's time to pull the plug on the relationship.

Here are 12 reasons you might want to end a friendship.

Your friend is jealous of your accomplishments.

Real friends want what's best for each other and celebrate together when things go right.

Do you hesitate to share good news with a friend because you know the reaction will be hostile? If someone can't share your happiness, that person is not a good friend.

You don't trust your friend.

When your friend tells you something, is your first instinct to wonder if it's true? Lies can put a huge strain on a friendship, even when the deceit is over something unimportant.

Your friend may be trying to impress you by making life seem more exciting than it is, or that person may be trying to manipulate you. Either way, friends don't tell each other lies.

Your friend isn't there for you.

That friend expects you to drop everything and run when there is a problem, but isn't there for you in your time of need.

Friendships should be balanced, each of you willing to give for the benefit of the other. If your friend is taking but not giving, the friend is not taking responsibility for the relationship.

Your friend sucks your energy.

Are you exhausted after spending a few hours with your friend? Needy, negative people can suck the energy right out of you.

A real friend will encourage you and build you up, helping you face each day with confidence. You should leave your friends feeling energized, not deflated.

Your friend starts conflict.

Some people thrive on drama, and they'll do anything to get it. If you see a friend attempting to manipulate you or someone else into an argument, turn and walk away. You don't need that extra stress in your life.

Your friend ignores boundaries.

The person calls you on the phone and won't let you disconnect, shows up at your house unexpectedly and assumes an invitation to family events.

Part of respecting another person is recognizing boundaries. You have other obligations in your life, and you need space to handle them.

Your friend keeps the conversation centered on herself.

Some people love to talk about themselves, and they always have a better story than you do. If you tell them you waited ten minutes in traffic, they will tell you about the time they were in traffic all day. If you mention that you haven't been feeling well, you will be treated to a complete rundown of their many maladies.

They see everything, whether it's a national tragedy or your personal struggle, as it relates to them alone. They can have a nervous breakdown over something that happened 400 miles away to people they don't even know.

Your friend sabotages your self-improvement.

This friend doesn't care about your personal goals. This person will not help you knock off that extra ten pounds or cut down on your personal spending. Instead, your friend seems to take steps to keep you from success. This person will make you feel guilty until you order dessert or will talk you into buying something you don't need.

Real friends don't want each other to fail.

Your friend criticizes you.

Does your friend have something negative to say about everyone, including you? If a friend is always giving you back-handed compliments, it probably doesn't come from being clueless. That person is probably intentionally rude.

You are likely to find that the criticism is directly related to something your friend isn't getting. For example, if your friend complains that you are too clingy with your significant other, it's probably an expression of jealousy that someone else is getting time your friends wants instead.

Your friend gossips about you.

Your real friends are confidants. They will keep your secrets under any circumstances.

Toxic friends can't wait to share the details of your private life with anyone who will listen. Be careful with a friend who gossips about others but then acts sweetly to their faces. That friend is probably doing exactly the same thing to you.

Your friend doesn't want you to have other friends.

This is the second-grade playground game all over again. Someone wants to be your bestie, and everyone else is supposed to stay away.

You are meant to have many friendships in your life, and good friends will be positive about your other relationships. If someone seems angry or distant because you've spent time with another person, it is probably time to cut that person loose.

You don't like spending time with your friend.

Friendships are a positive aspect of your life. If you are spending time with someone out of guilt or a sense of duty, that's not really friendship.

Don't make plans with someone you dread seeing. If you don't enjoy being around the person, stop making plans.

It's hard to end a friendship even when you know it's the right thing to do. It can feel like you are betraying someone. But if a friend is causing more negative than positive in your life, you owe it to yourself to let that friendship go.

Most of the time if you stop responding to attempts at communication, people will take the hint. If not, you may have to have a difficult conversation. Explain the situation honestly, with as little criticism as possible. Do not involve anyone else in the conversation, and don't talk to your other friends about it.

Not every friendship lasts forever. Sometimes the best thing for both of you is to part ways.

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All true she said I was her best friend ......::sigh:

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