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9 Gemstones to Express and Attract Love

9 Gemstones to Express and Attract Love

Many ancient cultures believed that gems and crystals have the power to create healing energy that can transform bodies, minds and emotions.

Modern science has found that crystals vibrate on particular wavelengths, and those who believe in the power of gemstones believe those frequencies are how energy is transferred.

These 9 gemstones are said to be particularly useful in attracting, keeping or encouraging love.


Emeralds come in a variety of striking green hues and are one of the most popular gems used in jewelry. These gemstones are said to promote unity in a relationship.

If you or your partner struggle with conflict, try wearing emeralds or placing them in your home. You can even carry one with you when you believe a conversation might lead to an argument.

Lapis lazuli

This semi-precious stone is known for its deep, intense blue color. The energy from this stone is said to increase open communication between partners.

Use this stone when you have something important to tell the person you love.


Would you like to be closer to your partner? Try moonstone to bring your hearts together and encourage emotional intimacy.

Moonstone comes in many soft colors and has a nurturing and protective energy.


Black onyx is a deep and mysterious looking stone that can help you clear your mind when you have an important decision to make.

Hold onyx when you consider whether or not to end a relationship or whether you are ready to take the next step in the relationship you are in.


This lovely, pink stone carries the blush of new love. This stone is said to help get your new relationship off to a great start and create an environment where your new love has the best chance of success.

Rose quartz

When you're looking for new love in your life, rose quartz can bring the energy you need. The reds and pinks of this stone perfectly reflect love and romance.

Wear rose quartz as a general way of attracting love or when you are with a special person that you'd like to know better.


This amazing stone is luminescent under ultraviolet light. Its glowing energy is excellent for maintaining the connection between long-term partners.

Keep this beautiful stone in your bedroom or in a prominent place in your home to maintain your loving relationship.


Self-confidence is attractive, and sunstone can bring you that glow that tells others you love yourself and are ready for a relationship.

The red-orange color of sunstone is beautiful in jewelry and can help you attract that special person.


The colors in thulite range from pink to dark maroon. It looks terrific polished and used as a paperweight or decorative piece. It can also be found in jewelry.

The energy in this stone is specifically sensual. Wear this on a special night with the person you love or to increase the energy between you and your partner.

Can the power of gems and crystals benefit your relationship? Whether you want to increase communication, attract new love or bring your romantic life to a higher level, there is a stone for you.

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