Dating 101: Are They Interested In You?

Dating 101 Are They Interested In You

When you're interested in someone, you might not want to believe they don't feel the same about you, even when the signs are there. You want, and deserve, to spend your time and energy on someone who is genuinely into you. Here are seven sad-but-true signs the person you're seeing just isn't really interested in you.

1. They disappear for days

If the person you're talking to online or dating in person disappears for days, they might not be interested in you. When someone is interested, they will find a moment to text or call. Anyone who claims they are too busy to text is probably too busy for a relationship. If they only want your time when it's good for them, they might not be interested in you, but what you can do for them.

2. They are all talk no action

Someone who isn't interested in you, but wants to keep you around for whatever reason, will be all talk and no action. They know that words are enough to keep you around, so they don't have to do more. People who mean what they say, act on their words.

3. They never initiate contact

Someone who is interested in you will initiate contact at least some of the time regardless of gender. If the person you're trying to build a relationship with never contacts you first, this may be a sign they aren't interested. If you feel like you're always chasing them, this should be a red flag.

4. They don't tell you about their life

If the person you're interested in doesn't divulge anything about their life, they might not be interested in you. Someone who is interested, will want to make you a part of their life. They will tell you what they did during the day, what kind of work they do, and who they spend time with. Someone who hides the most basic, mundane details of their life probably doesn't want to bring you in at all.

5. They don't ask about your life

In addition to not talking about their life, they won't ask about your life either. They might listen to you talk about your day, but won't ask any follow-up questions or seem interested in anything you said. Good news won't get a reaction from them. This lack of interest in your life signals a lack of interest in you.

6. They invite other people on your dates

If the person you're seeing never wants to be alone with you, this is a clear sign they aren't interested in you as more than friends. Inviting other people along keeps things from getting too intimate. They see you as more of a friend and might have trouble letting you down.

7. They send you mixed signals

It's easy to get confused if someone acts like they're into you one day, but talks to you about other people they're talking to or seeing the next. If they can't make up their mind, they might not be ready to be in an exclusive relationship. Sometimes this is an attempt to stir up jealousy, but if they are actively seeing others and asking your advice or opinion on situations, they probably aren't interested in a serious relationship with you.

It's difficult to accept that someone isn't interested in you, especially if you like them a lot. Hopefully knowing the signs will help make this easier.

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