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Is Your Man Cheating – 7 Signs

Is Your Man Cheating 7 Signs

The thought of your man cheating is never pleasant to face, but if you have your suspicions, you've got to know for sure. However, it can be difficult to question someone, anyone, without proof. You'll first need to observe whether or not he is exhibiting any signs of infidelity before opening up the discussion. Words cannot be taken back, so you need to have something on your side before you open that can of worms.

• Instinct: It's always good to trust your gut. If you've got a bad feeling about him, you're probably right. Something is probably wrong. However, it might not necessarily be cheating. There could be something else bothering him. Instinct can usually only detect if something is amiss. It tends to miss on the details.

• He's Picking a Lot of Fights: If he keeps calling you fat or does things that you both know irritates you, he could be trying to push you away so he can spend some time with someone else. He could also be picking a fight because he's feeling guilty about his infidelity.

• Negative Statements About the Future: Every couple goes through fights, but only the most severe fights should bring up thoughts about breaking up. If he constantly brings up the end of the relationship, even if you seem to be doing well, he could be thinking of leaving you for another woman, or that he's confident that there's someone waiting for him if your relationship goes south. Even if he's not cheating on you, this kind of talk shouldn't go unnoticed.

• He's Moody and Easily Offended: His mood picks up when you're about to go and he always seems down when you arrive. Cheating or not, that's a terrible sign, though it could just as easily be because he has the opportunity to hang out with his new lover. He could also become sensitive to any comments you make about him, no matter how harmless.

• He Was Once a Cheater: While precedent doesn't mean that he'll do it again, what it does mean is that he is capable of doing it. It doesn't speak negatively of you or your qualities as a person. It just means that he's a selfish person who doesn't care what you think. People who've cheated can be trusted – perhaps it was just a mistake – but it's a safe bet that you'll want to keep your guard up for a while.

• Lack of Affection: It could be any number of things, and some signs are more obvious than others. He could simply hug or kiss you less. In more severe cases, he may stop saying "I love you" or is more interested in a random show or Youtube video than you and your new outfit or lingerie.

• A New and Constantly Changing Schedule: This may not be obvious, especially for men who have a loose schedule, but it can be easy to spot in men who have nine-to-five jobs. Suddenly, they have to spend a few extra nights at work, never in a row. Sometimes it's a weekend, sometimes it's just a day, but it's different. Be especially wary if this schedule coincided with a new secretary or at a party where he met a pretty lady.

• His Friends Act Weird Around You: If he's cheating on you, his friends probably know. They wouldn't tell you out of loyalty to him, but they're bound to feel guilty as they're betraying your trust as well.

It is important to remember several things. The most important thing is that a single sign of infidelity does not mean that he is cheating on you. He could really have a new, staggered schedule at work and he's not enjoying it either. Maybe he had to fire someone and that's why he's being moody.

It is also important to remember to come from a place of trust. Don't accuse him of infidelity. If you don't trust him, you're probably coming from a place of insecurity and nothing he says will help. Trust him, and come to him with your concerns. Talk it out. Don't treat him as an enemy – treat him as he deserves to be treated.

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I've been cheated on by both male and female guess it's a roll of dice finding anyone else serious
Men cheat more often than women by a mile! Where r u getting yr info?doh
Women are way bigger offenders! Interesting article I wonder which 'sex' drafted this article? lol rolling on the floor laughing
Great article!
You've touched on all the necessary points and finished with good advice. I replaced the genders in my mind while reading it since I won't ever be cheated on by a man.
Thank you for the efforts.
thumbs up
This should be on 'Is your lady cheating?' Since it is found time after time that more women cheat in a relationship than men do...!

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