15 Fun First Date Ideas

15 Fun First Date Ideas

A first date is a unique opportunity to make a significant impression on someone special. If you've been meeting people online or have been dating for a long time, you've probably encountered the same activities time and time again.

Why not set yourself apart from the crowd? You can make an impression by shaking things up and suggesting a date that will be a fun memory for both of you whether you ultimately end up together or not.

Cheer on a local team.

If your potential date enjoys watching sports, this can be a great activity for the two of you. You can splurge on tickets to a professional game or just take your date to see local colleges or even high schools play.

Grab a cold drink and some popcorn, and enjoy rooting for your favorite team.

Race on a go-kart track.

Go-karting offers a fun and exciting time that will allow you to get to know each other without a lot of awkward conversation.

Challenge your date to a race around the track, and then enjoy a low-pressure meal at the snack bar.

Tour a brewery.

If you both like beer, a brewery tour can be an excellent choice. Find a local brewery and spend some time learning how beer is made. Then attend a tasting session to find out what you like.

If beer isn't your beverage of choice, tour a winery instead.

Go out for ice cream.

Many first dates involve meeting for coffee. Make yours more fun by going to an ice cream parlor. You can act like a kid again as you look through the glass to choose your favorite flavor combination.

Take a class.

What could be better than bonding over learning a new skill? Look for adult education classes, and find something you and your date would enjoy. That could be a cooking class, an art class or even a lecture on something practical like computer skills. Community education dance classes are usually inexpensive and fun. You'll be surrounded by other couples who don't know how to dance either, and it will be a great chance to learn to dance.. a social skill you couldn't learn without a partner.

Taking a class is a way to make the most of an outing while taking the pressure off you to keep things rolling.

Go bowling.

Bowling may have fallen out of fashion, but it still offers plenty of fun. Friendly competition is relaxing and helps you get to know each other, and bowling is usually reasonably inexpensive for those who don't have a big entertainment budget.

Visit an aquarium.

Does your town have an aquarium you'd like to check out? Turn it into a date with someone else who might want to view aquatic life.

Aquariums are often romantic places because they tend to include small, dark spaces. It's the perfect spot for taking someone's hand in yours.

Double date with your dogs.

You can bond over your love for your four-legged friends by arranging to meet somewhere with your pooches. Choose a dog-friendly beach or a designated dog park, and let your friends run and play while you make a connection.

Go rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a terrific activity for people into fitness. You can find indoor rock climbing walls at local recreation centers, or you can try your skills at an outdoor climb. If you're both beginners, sign up for a class that will show you the ropes.

Put on some skates.

Rollerblading, roller skating and ice skating are perfect first date activities because you have something to concentrate on while getting to know each other. The vibe can be either friendly or romantic, depending on how the date is going. If you're feeling affectionate, you can always take your date's hand as you glide along. And if you're beginners, you might find yourselves catching each other when you fall.

Take a hike.

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and can be fun for people of any fitness level. Look up local hiking trails in your area to find one that is right for you and your date. You will be able to see how long the hike is and whether it is considered easy, moderate or strenuous. (For safety reasons though, first or early dates should always be in done in public areas, so hiking should always be done where you're sure there are many other people around. Or maybe leave hiking until you know the other person very well.)

Beginning hikers can have fun sharing a new experience, while advanced hikers may like to challenge each other.

Play mini-golf.

Most people love mini-golf, and it doesn't take any experience to play. Take your date to a fun mini-golf course with lots to see. Have fun as you compete to see who can get the best score, or don't worry about keeping track of points. It's all about having a good time.

Go to the zoo.

You'll feel like a kid again as you discover surprising facts about animals and see your favorite creatures up close. A zoo is a good place for a date because you can spend time talking or you can focus on the attractions. Some zoos offer animal rides or other activities that will make the day special.

Try trivia night at a bar.

Trivia nights have become a popular attraction at bars. Choose the one you like and relax with a drink while you and your date laugh about finding the right answers to obscure questions. You can team up to take on others or compete against each other. Karaoke night can be loads of fun for those who like to sing and dare to try it in front of a crowd; or just like to sit and watch others brave enough to get on stage.

Visit an arcade.

Show off your video gaming skills at an arcade with plenty of popular games. Challenge your date to an air hockey fight, or see which of you is better at traditional games. An arcade is a perfect place for game enthusiasts to spend some time together.

If you want to make the right first impression, come up with a date idea that's not the same old dinner and movie. With some creativity, you can turn the first date into an adventure that you'll both remember, and you are likely to have a great time even if you don't make a love connection.

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These are great ideas! I've always been of the frame of mind that dinner and a movie, is so boring and lazy, because there are SO many other, more interactive activities that can be done. If the sparks don't fly, at least you both had fun, and maybe you made a friend instead.
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