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20 Ways His Texts Show He's Into You

20 Ways His Texts Show Hes Into You

Guys don't always use a lot of words, so it's sometimes hard to tell what they're thinking. However, you can tell a lot about what's going on inside a guy's head if you pay attention to the clues.

The way a guy texts you can give you a lot of information about how he feels. Here are 20 ways his texts show that he's into you.

1. He usually initiates the conversation. Who typically starts a texting session? If it's him, it tells you that he's thinking about you and has something he wants to share.

2. He texts you just to say hi. He wants to connect with you, even if he doesn't have anything important to say. He just wants to know how you are and what you're up to.

3. He responds immediately when you text him. Does he wait several hours before answering your texts, or does he reply right away? If he's texting you back quickly, it means he sees you as a priority. It's also a good sign if he tells you when he needs to leave a texting conversation instead of just letting it go.

4. He texts you every day. He's invested in your relationship if he's checking in with you every day, whether or not he has something exciting to share. It means you're a regular part of his life.

5. He asks questions about your life. He remembers when you have something significant going on, and he makes an effort to ask you how it went. He also asks you questions about your favorite places or things. It's his way of getting to know you and staying relevant in your life.

6. He shares his successes and joys. When something big happens in his life, he wants to share it with you. You are one of the first to know about life events like when he gets a new job or a new puppy.

7. He asks for advice, but not about girls. He's interested in your opinion when he's dealing with family, job or other personal issues. However, he doesn't ask you about dating or other girls. In fact, he doesn't mention them at all. Unless he's trying to make you jealous, he's going to make it clear his availability if he wants to date you.

8. He says he can't wait to see you. When he's texting you about how much he wants to see you in person, there can be no doubt that he's interested. Texting is his way of keeping the connection tight until he can be with you again.

9. He randomly sends pictures of things he thinks you'll like. You get texts from him out of the blue with pictures of adorable puppies or beautiful sunsets. He's motivated to show you something you'll enjoy.

10. He has nicknames for you. If he's calling you by a special name, it's a good sign that he's flirting with you. He wants you to have a connection that you don't share with anyone else.

11. He sends texts to make you laugh. He texts you about funny conversations he's heard or sends you silly pictures. Guys know that being funny is attractive, and he's trying to make you like him as much as he does you.

12. He comments on your social media. If he's sending you texts about something you wrote on Facebook or Twitter, it means he's showing a lot of interest in your life and what you have to say.

13. He tells you what he'd do if he were there. If a guy mentions that he wishes he were there or tells you how he would respond to a particular situation in person, he imagines the two of you together.

14. He offers to help you. Guys like to fix things, and they especially want to fix things for women they're attracted to. If he jumps to your rescue when you mention that you're trying to move your furniture or are having trouble with your computer, he's trying to save his damsel in distress.

15. He wants to lend you books, movies or music.

16. He gets to see you once to give you the item and again to pick it up.

17. He doesn't get too sexy. If a guy is continually referencing sex, it's likely he's just looking for a hook-up. If he wants to date you, he'll treat you with respect.

18. He suggests meeting up or going out. He wants to take your texting life to the next level, so he looks for opportunities to see you in person. Asking if you want to meet up to see a movie or try a new restaurant, he might be asking for a date.

19. His texts are mostly positive. When someone feels positive about you, their interactions tend to have a positive tone. If he always seems happy about life and has a good attitude about the future when he talks to you, chances are he sees you in a positive light. If he's always complaining, it may be a sign of a potential problem.

20. His responses are sometimes long. Many guys use as few words as possible when it comes to conversation. If he's sending you lengthy texts, even every once in a while, it could mean that he's willing to share more with you.

21. He texts you to say goodnight. If he texts you goodnight, it means he's thinking about you at the end of the day. He wants to make that connection before you both go to sleep.

It isn't always easy to know what a guy is thinking, but his texts can give you a glimpse into his mind and maybe even his heart.

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Fantasy..nothing but pure fantasylaugh
this is applicable on beta males
not on gurus like us cool
This is so sweet... Hoping to find someone like this to spend my life with... heart beating

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