What to Do if You're Stuck on a Bad Date

What to Do if Youre Stuck on a Bad Date

If you're an active part of the dating scene, bad dates are going to be an inevitable part of your life. You can minimize the impact they have on your life , however, by implementing a few survival strategies.

Change Your Attitude

Some dates may be awkward conversationalists, poor dressers and may otherwise not live up to your standards for a partner. If your date is polite, however, show him courtesy by hanging in there. After all, you've probably waited in a doctor's office for longer than dinner is likely to last. You may even find that your date has more to offer than you initially supposed. Even if you don't change your mind about your date, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you took the high road and treated another person with dignity.

Excuse Yourself Gracefully

If things simply feel so wrong that you can't imagine how you will endure another story abo ut the fiend that was her ex-boyfriend, making a graceful exit is a possibility. Doing so without hurting your date's feelings is important, however. After all, not knowing the difference between a therapist and a date is sad, not an unforgiveable sin.

A classic way to get out of an awkward date is to arrange to have a friend call you 20 minutes into the date so that you can make a plausible excuse and leave if the situation is bad. This approach has been used so often, however, that more seasoned daters are certain to know it is a ruse. Claiming not to feel well is another oft-used excuse that is as see-through as a cheap shower curtain.

Sometimes it is best to simply be direct. If the plan was to see a show after dinner, when the check comes, thank him for a pleasant evening and let him know the chemistry just isn't there for you and that you wish him the best of luck finding someone who is right for him. Or you could tell her that you enjoyed her company, but have decided to call it a night.

Get the Heck Out

Some dates don't deserve a respectful exit. If a date gropes you, is rude and demeaning or makes you feel unsafe in any way, cut your losses fast and get the heck out of Dodge. Don't hesitate to lay some cash down on the table in the middle of dinner, get up and walk out the door. A date is not a legal contract that you will be sued for breaking. I t is a social one, and the basic rules were broken when your date began acting like a potential serial killer.

Your first bad date certainly won't be your last, so becoming comfortable with these strategies is a must if you're going to continue putting yourself out there. To avoid bad dates as much as possible, make first dates a 30 minute chat at a nearby coffee shop. It's public, cheap and you'll be able to leave in no time if your date shows signs of self-absorption or mental instability.

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Bad date should end abruptly. Leave unexpectedly, that will let the person know it's bad.

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