How to Attract Women: What You Can Learn from Bad Boys

How to Attract Women What You Can Learn from Bad Boys

Countless good guys look on in bewilderment when the woman they've been pining over ends up dating a jerk. Her choice can seem particularly strange considering, contrary to popular belief, most women don't actually like dating bad boys.

That's right – the majority of women don't like dating bad boys.

Many are attracted to them, which can lead to dating or a relationship, but few like the hassle that can result from getting with a bad boy. For many ladies, a lifetime of lies, deceit, cheating, and legal problems hardly sounds appealing. They want more stability than that.

If women want something stable, why do they date bad boys at all, often leaving better alternatives out to dry? Usually, it is because these chaotic men, for all their faults, have traits that are appealing to many women in the initial attraction stages. Fortunately for all the good guys out there struggling to get a date, those characteristics are learnable. They don't require you shed what a great person you are, either.


The lone man is perhaps the image most regularly associated with bad boys. He does things on his own terms, and he is quick to dodge anyone who tries to get in his way. He acts out his whims, sometimes with little regard for who else might be affected.

At its most extreme, this can be a dangerous trait. However, revealed in small doses, it can really draw people in. Have the audacity to stray from the herd every once in a while, and don't get hung up on whether you'll be negatively judged for it. Most likely, people will appreciate a glimmer of independent thinking, especially the woman you're pursuing.


Bad boys exude confidence. A trait quite complementary to independence, confidence makes it possible to live comfortably in your own skin. It can also make everyone nearby feel at ease because you project that, in what can be an unpredictable world, you have everything under control.

This can translate into success with attracting women. Some men get visibly flustered around the opposite sex, which can make the woman feel uncomfortable and can kill the conversation. Bad boys, on the other hand, remain poised around women. They aren't especially concerned about how a lady responds to their attempt to strike up conversation – one rejection can't squash their confidence.


Bad boys are often the masters of selectively giving information. While they may be more inclined to do it because they have something to hide, even the most honest of men can apply this tactic to dating. Sometimes nerves get the best of people, causing them to spill a lifetime of stories during the first date. Divulging so much at your first meeting could eliminate some of the tension that can be triggered when you leave some things to the imagination. Instead, remain selective about what you share at first. Allow your full identity to unravel as time passes.

If you're a good guy, do not fall into the trap of believing that you have to start showing reprehensible behavior in order to attract women. What you can do, though, is start embracing some of the alluring traits demonstrated by bad boys, and then adapt them to suit your personality.

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