Can't Catch a Good Man? How to sell yourself and attract the right guy on internet dating sites

Cant Catch a Good Man How to sell yourself and attract the right guy on internet dating sites

The internet has permeated almost every single aspect of modern life. With the power of the internet at your disposal you can speak to friends and relatives in far away places, watch the latest episode of your favorite show, check out the menu of the new restaurant near your office or arrange lunch date with your girlfriends. Just as with many activities, the world of dating can be made simpler by utilizing the internet too. Internet dating has lost its outdated image of being only for men and women without social lives, but is now considered a legitimate way to meet new people and find love. So if you've tried internet dating and haven't had much luck, read these tips on how to sell yourself and attract the right kind of guy.

Don't express bitterness or anger

No one wants to hang around a Negative Nancy, let alone date them. Make sure that your internet dating profile exudes positivity. Too many people mention terrible previous relationship or dating experiences in their profiles, and that this is motivation to find, 'Mr Right.' Dwelling on past relationships in current dating profiles suggests that you're not over your old lover. Similarly, stating that you don't want cheaters, untrustworthy men or men who have bad habits sends the message that you've been burned in the past and find it very hard to trust men. The right guy isn't going to be attracted to a woman who displays obvious personal issues.

Get the balance right between too little and too much information

Remember that your dating profile isn't a job application or the story of your life. You want to try and find a guy who shares common internets and life experiences with you. If you provide too little information, potential dates will assume that you've got something to hide. If you provide too much information, men will skip past your profile and assume that you're too talkative or they will be put off by your lack of mystique. When writing your profile, stick to the basics. List your basic stats and your interests and hobbies. Anything else he wants to know about you, he can discover on your first date.

Be honest

If there is one quality men and women both admire in each other, it's honesty. Don't feel tempted to lie about aspects of your life that you're not happy with. Don't pretend that you weight less than you do, or knock a few years off your age. If you have children, mention that you're a mother. The truth will always be revealed, so be honest from the very start. The men who view your profile will find it refreshing and be more inclined to contact you.

Be open minded but not too general

If you specify that you only want to date men over 6ft tall, with a full head of dark hair, who earn a six figure sum, your inbox is going to remain empty. Alternatively, if your profile suggests that you'll date anything with XY chromosomes, you will send out the message that you're desperate. Make sure that you strike the right note when indicating what kind of guy you want to date. Provide at least an eight year age range and then focus on the important qualities that you look for in a guy, such as a good work/life balance, a sense of adventure or a caring nature. If you're single and you've got time on your hands, it doesn't matter if you date a man who isn't your 'type.' You've got nothing to lose and you may just find that while he's not so great online, he's perfect in real life.

Post a photo

Men like women who are open and honest. Make sure that your information is accompanied by a photo. The photo must not be a group shot or a full-body shot. The men looking at your profile should be able to see your happy, welcoming face, not the color of your shoes. When preparing to take your profile photo, avoid wearing anything too smart or a dull color, such as black or gray. Take an upper-body or headshot in a well-lit room and make sure that you smile. It may feel a little unnatural, so take as many shots as you need until you've found the perfect profile photo.

Internet dating should be fun, so it's important to get off to a good start. That begins with an attractive profile. Be honest, avoid expressing negativity and provide a clear photo and you'll attract the right guy in no time.

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