5 Mistakes Men Make When Trying to Attract Women

5 Mistakes Men Make When Trying to Attract Women

Attraction can be very subjective. What one person finds attractive might be completely unattractive to someone else. Since attraction is often one of the main reasons people begin to date, that elusive part of the dating puzzle can make early romance a real nightmare.

Unfortunately, there is no tried-and-true formula for guaranteeing attraction. You can increase your odds of winning over a woman, though. One way to do that is to avoid committing mistakes men can make when they are trying to impress a lady. Since attraction is so subjective, these five mistakes may not turn off all women, but they do halt attraction for many.

Endless bragging

It is great to be a confident and assertive man with a rewarding career and money in the bank. Most women do not want to hear you talk about it for hours, though. Try to remain a bit mysterious. Your confidence will still come through, but you will also intrigue the woman you are trying to attract. She will leave the conversation wanting to know more about you.

Expensive gifts

In the early stages of dating, it is the thought that counts. Lavishing a woman you have only recently met with lots of expensive presents could be off-putting to anyone who is after more than your wallet. This is especially true if the person does not have the means to reciprocate your gifts. She might think you are expecting a physical type of reciprocation, which could put undue pressure on a new love interest, and might even run her away.


If you talk about most of the people in your life negatively, especially women, that could raise a red flag. Even though you may be perfectly pleasant during the date, the fact you have few kind words to say about the people in your life makes it seem likely that it will talk negatively about romantic partners, too. Vent about certain people if you like, but try to keep the conversation mostly upbeat.

Rudeness to strangers

The way you treat strangers can say a lot about your true demeanor. You can treat your date like gold, but if you are snide to the hostess, rude to the server, and then hostile to traffic on the drive home, your date will probably think twice before dating you again. Some men may think that aggressive behavior demonstrates authority and assertiveness; for most women, it will just make you look like you have a temper.

Emotional confessions

Sometimes, men who turn to heavy emotions within a date or two are being more controlling than earnest. This is especially true if they allow the emotions to justify moving things at a pace a bit quicker than the woman would like. For that reason, some women are cautious about emotional confessions very early in the relationship. Even if you are head-over-heels in love from the first glance, it may be a good idea to hold off on love poems until you know her better. If you get too emotional too fast, you could scare her off.

Avoiding those five mistakes is a good foundation for successful dating. Of course, they do not apply to absolutely everyone. No two women are alike, so what turns one woman off could attract another. However, they do serve as good guidelines for a process that can be a lot of trial and error.

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Dating is a game of odds. The more you talk to the better your chances.
Plus be realistic regarding your" type".
Look at all the fake marketing here.
There is an actual difference between needs and wants. Usually what you want is not what you need.
I am not certain about EU women.
US women are looking for a man to cover their debts, credit cards, mortgage, car loans, so on.
Filipinas get married and abandoned after having children. No divorce in the Philippines and most can not afford the annulment. No foreign marriage that is why they want you to move there. Plus they care for extended family.
"Foreigners are prohibited from owning land in the Philippines, but can legally own a residence. The Philippine Condominium Act allows foreigners to own condo units, as long as 60% of the building is owned by Filipinos. If you want to buy a house, consider a long-term lease agreement with a Filipino landowner."
Honestly "Third world " working poor women understand family and budgeting.
Define your needs really well.
Everybody ages out and becomes unnoticeable.
If she enjoys your company when you are badly dressed and stink of work sweat, she might be ok.
Then again, one can never tell what happens decades down the road.
Just be who you are and be happy with that.
Just be yourself, then if you get a woman, you deserve her and she deserves you, and if you get more, it will be because you deserve more.
????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ???? ?????? ????????heart wings
cheering cheering cheering
HAH In my case it seem breathing is good enough to make a mistake roll eyes
There are. many more not mention in this article. banana

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