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The Upside of Living Alone

The Upside of Living Alone

Rookies in the art of living alone sometimes wonder how they will ever adjust to this strange new status, especially if it came about involuntarily and they're nursing a broken heart. Although it might take some months or even a few years, they will eventually discover a few plusses. Here are some bonuses experienced aloners have discovered:

  1. Aloners never have remote control issues: They can keep it close by and switch TV channels at will. Closely tied to this benefit is the right to watch whatever they want to and the right to express joy, sadness and disgust at the behavior of characters in whatever manner they choose.
  2. Aloners can eat cake for breakfast and cold cereal for dinner without explanation or justification. The hardest part is deciding what wine goes with Cheerios.
  3. Aloners can wear torn sweatshirts with pink lacy pajama pants or plaid flannel shirts with crumpled Bart Simpson boxer shorts to bed. And not even care if they are coffee-stained or smell bad.
  4. Aloners don't have to bathe every day or even comb their hair if they plan to hang out at home all day. In fact, they can stay in the aforementioned bedclothes all day long so they're all ready to go back to bed. Whenever they want to.
  5. Aloners can have farting and belching contests with themselves freely and without recrimination.
  6. Aloners can go out at any time and even change plans at a moment's notice and not have to call anyone to say they will be later than expected. Or, God forbid, ask if it's OK.
  7. Aloners who have previously lived according to a schedule necessarily synchronized with another's might happily discover they don't have to pretend to be morning people and can, in fact, stay up most of the night if they want to, with the lights and stereo on.
  8. If aloners wake up grouchy and out-of-sorts they can stay that way all day if they want to, even indulge their bad moods with grumbling and cussing without feeling guilty or being accused of being an unreasonable and argumentative so-and-so.
  9. Aloners can spend long hours online, playing solitaire, conversing with new friends in chat rooms, shopping for window shades or researching the origins of Corinthian architecture, virtually uninterrupted, and at any time, day or night.
  10. Aloners can channel their inner Barry Manilow and belt out show tunes, dancing along in their socks and underwear. They can even use a hairbrush as a microphone and there's no one around to snicker or roll their eyes.

Now don't misunderstand: Even if they thought so, aloners would not try to persuade anyone their lives are an improvement over sweet togetherness. And, sure, there are also disadvantages to living alone. But that is a topic for another time. This time they'll just say that they've discovered lemons can make pretty good lemonade, or even a mean Tuesday afternoon margarita.

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This is priceless, and has given me a few pointers I need since apparently I cannot find anyone to "be with". Might I suggest a French Malbec wine, I am thinking label "Black Sheep" 2012 with those Cheerios and a nice French Vanilla yogurt instead of just milk! cool
I enjoyed this.. i really believe you have to be happy alone before you can be happy with somebody and live with them. If we expect somebody to make us happy... We are in for a surprise.. We can only make ourselves happy,, if we come to a relationship looking for a man to make us happy [or woman] then we will be co dependent and also dependent, and needy. Not a good recipe.
talk is cheap!doh
Been alone now for years hopeful but until my prince comes I love to watch all my favourite TV shows online at the moment it is Awake.
You can OD on a series and no one can judge what shit you are watching even if it is the UK The voice. Which I love.
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with. I read that and I thought is good because I like to be by myself. I don't have to be nice to anyone in the morning. I am not a morning person. I am not worry that I am alone but others do and star telling me to find someone. Is not that easy to find someone because if it was I would not be single. Anyway good luck on everything everyone! kiss
Its better to live alone then live with SHIT
laugh Wow! This is great and it defines me to the max!!!!applause

If I may I want to add this: Last weekend I went to a church event and at ll:45 I started to serve myself a plate of food from this huge table of goodies. This person comes up to me and sez, "You can't start to eat until 12 noon"! I busted up laughing. Who in tarnation still has rules like this? Whoops! I forgot. I am an "aloner" and I do not have rules like this but obviously the committee that put the food thing together still does. Mea culpa!

I'm glad I am an "aloner". Whew! This made me hungry. I think I'll have a bite to eat or maybe two!
nice article; let's just say that although being alone is a totally different situation than being with someone, they can be equally good (or equally bad)
i agree with passionate 41 that some of is do get lonely and yern for someone to relate to on an intimate level thats why so many of us use these sites ,in the hope for some company as i have done,maybe its just the type of personality you are but life does seem better with a partner to share it withteddybear
i have been single for 20 years...i like it...i am never lonely...i do not like sleeping with a man because they hog the whole bed...and waking up with a man means having to get up and get dressed when what you want to do is hang out and sip your coffee alone...maybe i'm different...if want to be with a man i can whenever i want..
Sounds good. Freedom to do what you want to do. Just yourself.
Forget it if that,is what being alone is,like then,no thank you.
Im going to find a friend/relationship asap,as soon as a lady wants me,im staying in her arms,For good,for ever. John comfort bouquet
I miss the warmth of a bedmate, but now I am free.Servant to no one but me.
I am happiest in life just suiting myself, ive been an aloner nearly eight years and would find it extremely difficult to change.
Nice thoughts. I enjoy being Aloner but not in bed at night especially when I need a special massage. laugh
maybe its true if u tried being with others before,but when u r spending all ur time alone...its so hard.
i need somegirle next to me on bed wishing her goodnight to have a good morning when i wake up.
its all what am dreaming in....its a big dream for me,its my biggest....
u might wrote what u wrote to run from facing being with a simple fever or flue alone, if u die know one will know about u
its like being nothing
u enjoy all what u mentioned before but for short time only,when its keep running as it is u will be ?"EXHAUSTED" just like exhauseted from being alone
All your thoughs are true. Perhaps one of my best benifits is that I can travel the world at will. I love to go to other countries and explore. Its also nice to meet women of different back grounds. As an ex told me one time, new is always better. I am independent and available to travel now. Although as another person mentioned its nice to wake up with a loving heart next to me at home.
Well written! And sooooo true. grin
Very realistic sketch writting about aloners, maybe they can see themselves through that window.
There are alot of men out there that are aloners and when they find their partner after some time they want to keep living that aloner life.They think their partner is just a piece of furniture and they look at it when it seems right for them.
People need their space sometimes but not feel alone being with someone.
I've been alone sometimes in my life and its good because you can do things on your own and feel single again.
Whoever wants to be aloner it's their choice but for me life is worth sharing with someone and when I'm ready to find that person again it will be.
It's great now I have got used to it, have it all,downside I have got selfish.......................not a great trait is it.? but wat da hell im gud, mmmeeeeeeeeeeee time:)
Love the article! I am so enjoying being an aloner! Love it!laugh
I have to admit there are some pretty good points, but for the not grooming and wearing smelly clothes to be.

I can watch what I want, I like some horror movies, reading, not having to hear, "What are you fixing for supper?" I don't have to wash clothes late at night because someone else needs jeans and by chance forgot to mention it. Even with a 3 yr. old it is less work and aggravation at times.

Sure there are times it would be nice to have someone, but let them have their own place. rolling on the floor laughing
well the freedoms that u describe are all good, it seems at first..but their colors fade after a few years...when u have no one to share happiness and the small achievements in your daily life..researching the history of Corinthian architecture seems like another pointless thing you do, to get through the day.

thanks for writing this anyway sad flower
Have you been spying on me!? LOL
hello all

living alone is something and being lonely is something else
the first coyld have pluses and minuses but being lonely is all minuses
Oh yea Alone it is sad to be alone.And if there is any one around they want to control you.I am a widower almost a year now.Each day heart beat is alone.Not drama,pain.Alone Sucks.Now he is crazy He is always alone to himself.Well between catatonic blank none excisting .And be strong,be happy.He is chronic,not depressed.Alone.So glad to meet you Alone.Miss Alone. morningangel7 angel innocent peace help
Hi Everyonegrin dancing

Good article,... But, When you are all alone & Lonely 24 / 7
i have tried all the above so i wont seem alone / lonely But like i have just mentioned It WILL Get to know Sooner maybe rather than later when all you have is your computer, a tv to keep you company and help you keep sane with out losing your mind over it all But, Hey.. In Time That SPECIAL Man will come in time keep my chin up even though i still go through out the Day and Night all alone which do gets lonely and boring too after awhile When you all alone,lonely and get bored too you Will know how it Really feels like when youre going through what i have been for too long and all i have for a "" reliable transportation and with out anyone to help you it Is .. Hard

Welcome Honest Legit Replies sad flower teddybear
How write you are, wow it is like you were watching me throght a window. A few things different but real close.I'm getting sick of it, no friends, chat rooms suck, dating rooms like going shoping at a bunch of bars, doing my best but don't know how much longer. God Bless you Bill sad flower
great story , there are some ups and downs to live alone ,like when you are in the mood to commit to some one, they are not and when you are not in the mood, you get hit on !!
hirolling on the floor laughing

i see your compelling list of reasons to be alone...and being able to play on my drums any time night or day is another good reason.

but the idea of waking to a lovely smile ...the lovemaking,...tho romantic times...the phone call...hon are you...need i go on?

cool dancing cool dancing frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated

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