9 Common Dating Mistakes You Might Be Making

9 Common Dating Mistakes You Might Be Making

Dating can be complicated. Sometimes you do things because everyone else seems to be doing them. Sometimes you don't do things that seem to be expected of you and you find yourself alone again. This article outlines 9 dating mistakes that you could be doing or might be thinking of doing.

1. Moving in too soon

The beginning of a relationship can trick you into thinking everything is going smoothly, but it's really just the honeymoon period. You're both on your best behaviour. This can give you a false sense of hope and you cause you to take the big step and move in together. You can't really know someone after a few weeks or even a few months. You need to see someone through all seasons and different situations, not just the good times. Over the course of a year you are bound to have ups and downs and be able see how he handles them.

2. Being too needy

Both men and women can be guilty of this trait. You can be needy in a number of ways, but a few common examples include needing phone calls and texts answered immediately. Expecting your boyfriend to spend all of his free time with you is unreasonable. Many times it is a person's insecurity that leads them to be needy. They need to always be reassured that they are wanted and loved. For the other person it simply becomes annoying.

3. Being too jealous

A little bit of jealousy can be flattering. Unfortunately it's not hard for jealousy to go too far. It's normal to be jealous if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend. You would be going too far if you expected your boyfriend to never speak to or look at another woman again. If you are so jealous that you are secretly checking your boyfriend's email or phone, your jealousy has gone too far. You have to trust him unless he's given you a reason not to. Remember that the actions of another do not mean he did anything wrong or encouraged it. Keep your jealousy under control.

4. Spending every day together

If you spend all of your free time together, you never get a chance to do things on your own and come back with interesting stories to share. As much as you might enjoy each other's company, it is possible to become bored and frustrated by only spending time with each other. You wouldn't hang out with only one friend would you? Different people offer us different things in our lives and even a boyfriend can't fill all of those areas. You cannot be the only people in each other's lives.

5. Taking care of your boyfriend too much

It's important to remember that you're dating a grown man. You're not mothering a child. You don't need to tell him how and when to do the most basic things, nor do you have to do things for him. If you aren't living together there is no excuse for you to do his laundry or clean his home. Even if you are living together, this isn't something you would do for him, but for you as a couple. Hopefully he would do the same for you. Once you make the mistake of doing too much for your boyfriend and letting him get used to living that life, it's hard to go back and get him into the habit of doing things for himself.

6. Saying "I love you" way too early

You might be feeling it, but if you say it too early you can scare your boyfriend off. Just because you feel something doesn't mean that you need to express it right away. Wait a while and then say it. He might surprise you and say it before you get the chance. Saying these words too early in a relationship might cut the relationship short.

7. Sweating the small stuff

If you're going to have an argument, make it about something that really matters. Don't waste your time with things like a toilet seat left up. If you let all of the little things bother you, you'll find yourself always upset and fighting. Stop letting yourself be bothered by small things that don't matter.

8. Talking about your ex

Leave all exes in the past. No boyfriend wants to hear about all of the horrible, awful, disgusting things that your ex did. He definitely doesn't want to hear about the ways in which your boyfriend was awesome either. In either situation it means that you are still thinking about your ex. If you think that your boyfriend will be flattered to hear how much better he is than your ex, toss out that idea and just tell him he's awesome.

9. Ignoring red flags

Dating is the time in a relationship when you should be learning the important things about the person you're dating. If you ignore the negative aspects of the relationship or person you are dating, you are guaranteeing yourself an unhappy relationship later when these things start bothering you so much that you can't ignore them. Some things can be overcome, but you need to figure out if they are something you can live with long-term.

Dating is the process of weeding out people that would not make good life-long partners. Avoid making dating mistakes and dragging things out longer than you should or messing things up too early. There is no rush when it comes to finding the perfect person to spend life with.

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