Does Your Relationship Feel Like an Emotional Trap?

Does Your Relationship Feel Like an Emotional Trap

Being in a healthy relationship is supposed to make you feel happy, content and secure. If your relationship has you feeling more like you are trapped, then something is definitely wrong. A relationship that leaves you feeling drained cannot be healthy and you need to evaluate the reasons for feeling trapped.

There are several reasons a person may feel as though he is trapped in relationship. He may be uncertain about the long-term potential of the relationship. Perhaps, he never wanted to commit to a relationship in the first place and feels that he was coerced into making a commitment. A person may feel trapped because he no longer feels that same way about his partner as he did at the start of the relationship. If a couple moved into together, one or both of them may have discovered that they are not right for each other.

The actions or behavior of a clingy or possessive partner may leave the other person feeling trapped or smothered. If he has no time alone and feels that excessive demands are being made on his time, the trapped individual may feel the need to escape. Relationships can often become stagnant. One or both partners may become bored and feel there is no room for growth. People often go through the motions of a relationship and do not realize how unhappy they actually are until they begin to take stock of the relationship.

First, ask yourself if you are happy. If not, try to determine why you are not happy. Is your partner abusive, clingy or possessive? Determine your needs. What do you want and need the most? If a lack of freedom or alone time is making you feel trapped, determine how important your need for freedom is in comparison to your relationship. Talk to your partner about your needs and how you feel. Your partner may feel the same way. She may not even realize that there is a problem.

If you are generally not happy you need to express your feelings honestly to your partner. A good relationship should lift your spirits not bring you down. Experiencing negative emotions about your relationship will only create anxiety about the future of that relationship. Genuine unhappiness in a relationship can lead to frustration and depression. People need to have a healthy amount of self-confidence and independence to succeed in any healthy relationship. If your partner is sapping your confidence or undermining your independence then the relationship is not working and you may need professional assistance.

There are people that continue to remain in relationships no matter how badly their partners treat them. However, this is not healthy and it is not love. People remain in unhappy relationships for a variety of reasons such as financial dependence, children or fear but it is not necessary to stay trapped in any relationship. You need to determine whether you want to make the relationship work or whether you want to move on. If you love your partner and want to make the relationship work, then you must communicate openly and honestly with each other. If you attempt to do so but do not see an improvement in the relationship, consult a professional counselor.

If you realize that the relationship was a mistake you will need to end it and move on. It may seem difficult but the first step is always the hardest. Ask friends or family members for help if necessary. If your partner is abusive, seek professional help. There are alternatives. No one has to remain trapped in an abusive or unhealthy relationship.

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