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10 Reasons a Man Should Cook

10 Reasons a Man Should Cook

Don't fear the spatula! The kitchen is not solely a woman's domain. Cooking is an equal opportunity activity that affords many rewards to men. These ten reasons why men should cook underscores the virility that can be demonstrated in the kitchen.


A man's place is definitely in the kitchen! Here are ten reasons why a man should cook.


Many men survive college on ramen noodles and pizza delivery, but that won't sustain you throughout your life. The first reason why men should cook is to prepare a wide range of meals for themselves on their own.

Weight Control

Relying on other cooks means you're at their mercy for the menu. Taking charge of the stove means you take charge of the menu and can tailor meals to serve your personal health goals.

Basic Household Chore

It's not 1950, guys. It's expected that men participate in household chores. Cooking is a far better chore than other options. How creative can you get with cleaning out a cat box? Cooking is a necessary chore that allows you to express your creativity.

Problem Solving

Ever have a gnawing work problem that never gets resolved in the office, but when doing some non-work related activity, the answer appears in an epiphany? Using different skill sets can help solutions wriggle to the surface. Maybe reaching for the chipotle sauce is the key to solving the big merger issue!

Discover New Flavors

There's more to culinary life than steak and potatoes. Branch out and discover foods you haven't tried before. Different seasonings, sauces and styles of cooking can wake up more than your mouth; it can inspire entirely new dishes.

You're the Provider

You can bring home the coq au vin and fry it up in a pan. Cooking skills show that you can meet the basic need of bringing sustenance into the home and also provide the finished product of a well-prepared meal.

Impress Dates

A man who can cook well is impressive to the ladies. Invite your date to a dinner that you have prepared yourself from start to finish, present it on a nicely set table and watch as her jaw drops with appreciation.

Bonding Time

Mealtime is traditionally when people share their day together. This bonding time doesn't have to wait for the table, though. Pour a couple glasses of wine, and as you stir fry the wok, sip and chat about the little things.

Demonstrate Interest

Beyond performing a necessary chore, the simple act of cooking demonstrates your interest in sustaining the household. The subtext declared is that you are dedicated to your home and its purpose. It sends a message of devotion that, even if never verbally acknowledged, is definitely noticed by others in the home.

It's Sexy

The plethora of male chefs on TV today is testimony to the attractiveness of a man in the kitchen. As you stir your delectable concoction, pick out a tidbit from the pan, blow on it gently, and gingerly place it into your partner's mouth in a seductive manner. The act of cooking can be an effective prelude to dessert. You could even slip on a Kiss The Cook apron...and nothing else.

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Where do I find such a man?
all men/women can cook. since most humans ive heard of like food we all can cook kind of a stupid post
This is a good blogthumbs up
My grandson is learning how to cook and he's pretty good at

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