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10 Ways to Make a Fantastic Day

10 Ways to Make a Fantastic Day

With the current worldwide economic condition, it is difficult to find reasons to smile at the world we live in. This is not only detrimental to our society as a whole, but has the potential to greatly affect our personal health and psychology. Studies have shown that those who have demonstrated positive outlook on both life's fortunes and misfortunes find much greater levels of career success, wealth, energy, and emotional stability.

However, even while knowing this, it is difficult to stay positive while facing the harshness of reality. One can be optimistic all they want, but it is quite simply a tough task to make a good situation out of unpaid bills, crying children, or angry spouses. With that said, the best way to make today a great day is to focus on creating internal peace. Though a person's emotions certainly reflect the circumstances surrounding him, taking care of his own emotional needs first will enable him to adequately satisfy the needs of others.

It is characteristic of common advice to maintain a focus on changing one's external environment to achieve happiness. Listeners are frequently told to work harder, or do more, to try and earn satisfaction at the end of the day. The tips outlined are old gems that have appeared frequently in personal development literature, however the focus is on doing less. In today's world, an average day may consist of dealing with hundreds of angry customers, listening to awful and heart-wrenching news, and having to spend more time doing what you hate and less time doing what you love. The following tips will enable you to make a good day by teaching you to take a step back and see life from a different perspective.

Smile – Studies have shown that smiling for 20 seconds releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins—all feel good hormones. Just by doing this simple act, you will notice an uplift in spirit.

Be Grateful – One of the major reasons people find difficulty in staying upbeat is that there's a constant overflow of excess information in the form of negative news, unfortunate occurrences, and uncontrollable events. Make a list of things that you are grateful for, and then write why you are grateful for them. The second step is key, as it will ignite the positive emotions that will make your day great.

Socialize – With the invention of social networking sites, and mass communication in general, physical isolation is becoming more common. Get out, and meet people! There is an afterglow effect of socializing with others for at least an hour, especially over good food. You will typically find yourself naturally happy for no reason for several hours afterwards.

Think Positive – This may require an explanation. While mere optimism is hard to utilize in today's hectic world, thinking positive is different. It requires you to not only see the positive aspect of an event, but also to take action on it. For example, if you are running an automobile business and you notice that people are more hesitant to buy automobiles because of the hefty price tag, fear not. You can use this as an opportunity to diversify your business—and perhaps generate even more money in the long run.

Give to Others – Giving to others without anything in return is one of the most practiced methods of boosting one's spirit. By helping someone else, the deed forces you to realize how much you really have. In a way, it is a tool to practice gratitude—with the extra benefit that you will be contributing to the overall good of society.

Simplify Life – Though human minds are brilliant, and have created nearly everything you see around you, they also have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Try to simplify life and set a limit to certain things. Do you really need more clothes, food, or books? Can you perhaps find the items that you love the most and give the rest away?

Be Intimate – Human beings are sexual creatures and, within one's own personal guidelines, physical closeness can be a pleasurable part of life.

Be Present – Ancient Eastern teachings have emphasized this point for centuries. When you are doing something, do it with focus. It is not uncommon for people to walk into a room and not know why. Instead, complete every task with a purpose and feel every step. What will come about is an inner bliss that cannot be taken away by anyone or anything.

Relax – There are numerous ways to achieve relaxation. You can meditate, and simply focus on your breath—taking your perspective away from the negative aspects of life. A long bubble bath, or perhaps a trip to see the sunset, can go a long way in making your day enjoyable.

Love – Find someone you dislike or do not understand, and see if they have traits that you can admire. Look past the negatives, and see them at their core. The religious group whose members are often at your door may simply be trying to spread peace and happiness through the only way they know. Don't be too quick to judge—everyone has a positive quality about him or her. Focusing on those qualities can help to brighten up your day.

Though you can't change the world around you, you can certainly modify your thinking and emotions. By following these tips, it will be quite a task to not enjoy the beauty of life. Enjoy every moment of your time on this planet, and remember that intrinsic happiness must be developed first before anything else should be done.

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