5 Signs that Your Boyfriend Is Controlling You

5 Signs that Your Boyfriend Is Controlling You

Learning the signs of abusive behavior in a partner may save you wasted time and a bruised heart. According to Psych Central, the Internet's largest mental health and psychology network, some women are often drawn to controlling men due to multiple factors. These men are known to be manipulative and charming. While the signs of abusive are present, some women feel inclined to try to change these men. For many women with low self-esteems, they are not aware that they deserve better. Even if they are confident, the fear of loneliness can dominate any other emotion. Sometimes, these women use escapism to disguise the reality of their relationship. If you feel uneasy in your current relationship, find out if you are dating a controlling man by recognizing the signs.

Where Is Your Cell Phone?

If you are afraid to leave your cell phone in another room for five minutes, then there may be a problem in your relationship. Does your boyfriend expect you to answer the phone even if you are in the shower, on the road or at work? If you miss a few of his calls, does he immediately inquire about your cell phone in a nasty, aggressive tone? If you are required to be available at all hours, your boyfriend is displaying signs of abuse.

Change of Plans Jitters

Are you afraid to change plans with your boyfriend out of fear that he will get unreasonably angry and irrational? Most people hate to be cancelled on but can handle their disappointment reasonably. If he takes it to the extra mile and demands that you uphold the original plans, beware that he might have extensive control issues.

Missing In Action

Have you noticed that you haven't seen your family in a long time? Do you rarely speak to your friends anymore? Do you have to sneak calls with your friends? Or, do you instantly hang up with friends when he calls on the other line? If the only real relationship that you are maintaining is your romantic relationship, then you should reevaluate your situation. You may be subconsciously choosing to withdrawal from the rest of your life, but he may be encouraging this unhealthy choice.

Matching Opinions

Do you find yourself agreeing with all of his opinions to keep the peace in your relationship? If you disagree with him, does he call you names or insult your perspective? If you find yourself having to match your opinions according to his mindset, you may be in the process of losing your self-identity. A lack in personal interest or self-improvement may be a result of a controlling man's manipulation.

Wardrobe Approval

Does your boyfriend give you the once over before you leave the house? Does he have the power to veto outfits? Does he have ridiculous requests, such as wearing makeup to the beach? If you have to check with him before you decide on an outfit, then he is not only controlling your physical appearance but the way that you live your life.


Do you happen to bump into your boyfriend unexpectedly? If he feels that he can show up unannounced to your place of employment or outings with friends without notification, then he may be one step away from stalking you.

To be in a loving, secure relationship, women need to screen their love lives for controlling and possessive men. Even though not all controlling men act exactly the same, their intentions are similar. Look beyond the flowers, candy and charming words to see how the man in your life is really contributing to your overall state of happiness.

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