The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too

If you consider yourself overweight and you haven't found a permanent relationship, it's time to stop allowing negative thinking about your body to hold you back. Change how you perceive yourself and attract a good man into your life. Try these ideas for moving toward a better self-image.

1. You are an expert on You, and people believe what you tell them about yourself through your words, actions, body language and attitude. If you believe you are desirable, a future mate can believe that too. As you begin to accept the idea that extra pounds do not make you unattractive, you can feel confident and move into new relationships. When you look in the mirror, think about how much you love yourself.

2. When you carry yourself like a woman who is comfortable with your own appearance, you will inspire men with your confidence. Not every man gets hung up on physical appearance. Many men look for someone who they just really enjoy being around.

3. Do you have faith in yourself? You deserve to find a good relationship. Don't settle for a guy who doesn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Many many overweight women are happily settled in loving relationships. If you don't believe it, look around the next time you are in a shopping mall. You will see heavy women looking happy, active, and loved.

4. You can choose to view being overweight as an advantage. You have a constant physical reminder of the need to care for your health. What if you were skinny and you put a lot of unhealthy foods into your body? Being either skinny or heavy does not exclude you from health problems that adults face as they grow older, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Healthy eating and living over the years can help protect against many health issues.

5. Feeling sorry for yourself will not attract men into your life. You can take positive steps to managing your weight through healthy eating and exercise. Obesity does not control you. If you need more help, join a support group or seek professional help.

As you move gradually toward healthier thinking and living, the past in which you felt unworthy of love will recede into your long-term memory. Find the strength to love yourself and enjoy putting yourself out there to find a man who loves you for who you are and not for what dress size you wear.

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First of all, God did not make us over weight..That was a personal choice...{except for glandular} the bible calls it death by spoon......

Second: On dating sites 90% of over weight women LIE.....How do they lie....1: Head shots or just eyes and hair or lips...or photos of you a mile away....Or in their description....No photo but says....Curvy, Average, Rubenesque, a few pounds over. Obease

Last, being over weight is not healthy....Being overweight causes diabetics, heart disease, arthritis, spine and lumbar problems.. Over weight Parents bread over weight children.

You can glamorize being Overweight all you want...But big is not beautiful Big is a choice....Big is killing off people at an alarming rate.....No one was born to be Fat......

When you are ashamed to put the true you on a dating site then you are fooling yourself and trying to fool everyone else...It doesn't work

Be truthful to yourself and everyone else....There is someone for everyone on these sites...Hiding who you really are is not alluring or mysterious...Its just plain LYING.

OH yes you who will look me up , you will find me as Husky...I am not fat or skinny I have a waist up shot...No Big belly, no 3 chins. At 6' 1" and 230 I am husky...At 231 I will be fat...LOLOLyay
I've found overweight women to be real, meaning they don't mind being themselves from the start. Bigger women love whole-heartedly, don't go into a relationship with a full figured woman thinking that by encouraging them to lose weight, that you're going to "fix" them. They are beautiful the way God made them.
I kinda fell apart after my last marriage failed. The results has been 100 lbs overweight that I'm battling to lose! Women say that I am an attractive man. Yeah well why haven't I had a date in six years. Is it because I am retired living on 1/3 what I use to make financially. I have to say that another divorce, losing our house and everything was the straw that broke the camel's back. But I am happy to say that that I believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ! That in Him resides total Healing and Restoration. Paul
Recently met a girl at gym,she is considerably overweight.but the silver lining was seems she did with that just fine.even few slim ladies were at the gym same time but coudn't compete with her.cheering cheering

so i think whether you fat or not as long as you give it a run,that just fine....

dancing dancing dancing dancing
Nice Article
Love yourself at any size
Confidence in knowing who you are and respecting yourself will attract the same
Never settle for less, if someone is with you only when your thin its not going to last anyway
Love yourself firsthug
I mean you don't look attraktive. But seems most men like it. dunno
The overweight woman is desirable i believe that
If all the women are slim what happens to men who love and admire BBW?
Firstly, I'm stating this as a guy that's still carrying a few pounds. I'm perhaps 25 lbs heavier than I should be.

The general laws of attraction seem to state otherwise in relation to weight and desirability. Off course there are exceptions but the general consensus is that the more attractive and fit looking your are corresponds with desire. I mean this in the physiological arousal of human beings to each other.The psychological research seems to be evidence that we are attracted to the fit, lean and good looking mating partners because they will provide offspring good healthy off spring. This stuff is coded into our DNA so this politically correct bullshit is wrong. Again, I am saying this as someone who was badly over weight albeit i have lost a significant amount of weight. My confidence has gone up, my self esteem and I feel healthier. To be propagating this kind of bullshit is wrong. Even as an over weight man, I always always found fit beautiful women far far more attractive than an over weight woman. All my life I have experienced it amongst my friends and any man I knew that we found fit normal weight women far more attractive than an over weight woman. So please stop with the problem. You are not doing someone who is over weight any favours by speaking this bull shit crap. You are trying to normalise something that is unhealthy and damaging to someone by trying to normalise it.
Everyone is attractive no matter ur shape or size
The main reasons that overweight women are attractive to most of the man is tht they propagate the signal implying "I am so powerfull, healthy and nutrition-reserved woman that I can raise up lots of children (i.e. offspring of your genealogy) so that your family name goes on". I am one of them who are attracted to chubby/curvy/overweight women.head banger
I am attracted more to overweight women than average size. I also find overweight women have a better personality than average women.
Your weight or size doesn't define who you are ... Only you can do that !! teddybear
I want to be like when I come here ...I want to lose weight ...I m not fat ....I m medium size ...I try gym but I don't have motivation. ...
by the way i like what i see
who cares what you look like
heart wings
Good article teddybear
Everyones attractive :)
to me Overweight Woman is OK
to me the woman should have wide hips,curves ,long hair ,and killer smile,
or she is just a man
I want someone who is Loving & caring, supportive and be responsible...teddybear
For all you overweight gals please check out my story, head banger
Well, I m not attracted to overweight women. And I sincerly don,t agree with some of the points made in this article. For exemple the article say that being overweight show people that you are taking care of you health. Well in fact no it show the opposite, because being fat only show that you can't manage your own body properly. In the sens that some people are attracted to fat people well I have nothing against that, but to make the other, who are not into fat people, feel guilty about their preference is wrong. Being fat is not healthy as such as being underweight.
I have been with all sorts of women, and I can assure all the women an here that it doesn't matter much. If a women is naturally larger, it is often her attitude which can make her incredibly sexy and desirable. I must stress here not to confuse this with morbidly obese, as this is a medical condition which needs immediate treatment.
i like them very much..and what is write there is absolutely right.
My life experience tought me a lot about this topic:

1 If u don`t like your body weight u can fix it or at least make it better with a bit of sacrifices but u have to do it for u not for a man.

2 If a man really loves u he has to love u in your whole (defects included) if not he simply does not love you.

3 This is what you and people can decide if acepting you or not.

4 Around there are plenty of overweight people that have a happy relationship/marriage and kids, it is all about to be lucky enough to find the right one that appreciates you as you. It is not that easy but not even impossible.

5 If u are in a relationship in which your partner shows embarassment towards your body weight just run a mile, never waste time with a man that does not love you.
I love a bigger woman especially if she has a bigger booty that i can grab a hold of. Not a requirement by any means just saying its nice. I am currently looking for a woman for a fwb type relationship.Do want you as the only one though. If you are close by me in ohio give me a message please.
i swear you are so beauty ,, yes.teddybear kiss angel
hi everyones i really love curvy,extra pound,overweight womens.
cuase are sweet and lovely and also i love itttttttttt
Life without love life is merely a dream, don’t be discouraged by negative things around you and be strong.

be a great winner, I might not meet your requirement but could make a difference in your life, relationship or friendship is built by partners who are willing to love on another, the is No "I" in relationship the only word is " WE", you work as Team and respect each other.

I'm not perfect but willing to learn & grow.

Be proud that God gave you the opportunity to live, be a great person in life, and don’t forget that you are unique & smart . In life we are face by different challenges and to fail is not a sin but is a lesson. I would love to know you
0798241692 or or

we are face with another day that we need to overcome the obstacles of the day or task... but with his love we completed what we have assign to do... so we must always praise his name cause his love will never your to fullest...aim for the best not for second best and God is guiding. Take care

hope you are doing fine?, be a great person in life and I would love to know you better.

I'm from Johannesburg, I work in Sunning hill, AS E& I ENGINEER

I want someone who is Loving & caring, supportive and be responsible
Yes ladies who are larger do attract some men. I am like an Australian size 8 and skinny, and my ex cheated on me with a much larger women. so that proves it. Although she was a tramp as she slept around and was easy she managed to attract men and a lot of men.

So ladies out there who have full figures don't feel bad about yourself. There are men out there for you.peace
there is more beauty other than what the eyes see,i judge my women as wonen not just by size or beauty or ethnicity.
I have a trouble with weight when i was in high school but all my friends and family has support me and iam doing extra exercise to lose my weight. So For me just be yourself and happy no matter what you are wine
Excellent Article .. WE ARE WOMEN just are great and even more because we have Beauty in excess ...peace
If someone is so shallow that they judge people by size and looks
they are the ones who are going to miss out. Why risk losing the oppertunity to be with that special person. Ignorance goes a long ways, the wrong way.
hi for all overweight the people very Different From each other
some one like long woman and some one like short woman about my i feel the overweight woman very beautiful i feel overweight woman There has to raise the nationality of more than women thin .
thanks! georgiagirlwave

people like that, with opinions like that really annoy me!very mad i could think of many things i could say to bring her down to earth.devil but i would never lower myself to her levelangel hug
I SO TOTALLY AGREE WITH U KELINDA applause cheering peace
hey Wow Factor!!
your sluring of over weight people has angered me!! pigeon wholing them all as unclean junk food eaters!!!!

can i ask..... why you arent displaying a picture???? dunno
usually people that dont display a picture, have something to hide!!!confused

over weight people can loose weight..........nasty vindictive people will always be ugly inside and out!!!!

Overweight people may have difficulty with personal hygeine and yeast and skin infections in folds of skin, heat rashes and skin conditions from skin rubbing. Of course that is no reason for them to consider themselves inferior, but I rather fail to find anything sexy about making love to someone who finds it difficult or impossible to carry out basic skin care because of the difficulty reaching parts of the body due to excess fat.

People should simply ditch the junk food (which is expensive) and simply not put it into their supermarket cart. Have nothing bad in the home to eat. If the kids want junk give them the money on a day to day basis to buy it, but don't include it with your shopping.
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