How to Break Out of a Complacent Life

How to Break Out of a Complacent Life

Has your life had that same old boring feeling lately? Are you craving change?

Sometimes that boring, lacklustre feeling is a sign that you've become overly complacent. Being content is good, but if you don't change things up once in awhile, one day you may find yourself staring up from the bottom of a well-dug pit wondering what to do next.

Feeling as if you're in a rut that's seen no change can be scary if you have no clue how to get out of it. Why not throw yourself a lifeline now, before things get worse?

Changing your life doesn't have to involve major or costly undertakings. Doing a little self-examination and taking a few small steps may be enough to build some momentum back into your life. Here's a short checklist you can use in order to check what's under your "hood" that might benefit from a change:

1. Have you been doing the same old thing day after day without change or challenge? What is in your daily routine that is just plain boring?

• Identify at least one thing and change it. For example, if you always drive the same way home from work, take a new route. If you spend every night in front of a computer, turn it off and find something new to do. If you always order the same coffee or pizza, try a new one.

2. Do you take risks or do you shun them? What kinds of things might be fun or an improvement to your life?

• Set a challenge for yourself to take a risk. Perhaps that means asking someone to join you for an outing. It might mean driving or flying far in order to meet up with old friends that live miles away. It might mean asking for a job transfer or pay raise.

3. Are the people in your life boring you or bringing you down? Who are your best friends or influencers?

• You might need to avoid that friend that's always depressed. Edit your life of wet blanket type people and start to include happy positive people in your life. Find people who will support your dreams as you support theirs.

4. Have You Learned Anything New Lately? One of the keys to longevity and a good key to igniting new passions is to learn something new.

• Sign up for a course. Join a group or club in town. Get some books and study something interesting. Try a new hobby.

5. Have You Taken Care of Yourself? What do you need to address so that you can feel good about your appearance and health and get yourself out the door into something new and exciting?

• Take a good look in the mirror and decide what type of physical intervention you might need. Buldges and sluggish body can put anyone in a flat, uninspiring mood. Feeling dowdy in clothing you've worn repeatedly for several years, having overgrown discoloured toenails or misshapen hair can bring anyone down. Make appointments to fix what needs fixing.

Ruts begin in a variety of ways and can drag a person down deeper and deeper, if not addressed. Wanting to break out of a rut isn't selfish; it is good for your health and emotions. Don't settle for a complacent life. Make yourself a priority. Change things by taking a step at a time and see if you can't create the momentum needed to bring you to a new level of happiness.

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