Positive Thinking Is the Best Medicine

Positive Thinking Is the Best Medicine

Our bodies are much more responsive to our thoughts than most of us generally realize. Negative beliefs about ourselves and our health can contribute to illness – but positive thoughts, by the same token, can have the opposite effect on our overall well-being.

In many ways, the body behaves in whatever way that we tell it to. It's a kind of mirror for our thoughts and imaginative images, as well as our beliefs about ourselves. Nature has given us physical forms to reflect the ways in which we see ourselves in relation to the world. Not only that, but She has clothed us in forms that change – becoming healthy or unwell, for example – as our inner states change. That means that every one of us is empowered to create a state of physical health and well-being for ourselves.

We can do that through positive thinking. This may sound simple, but it requires effort – particularly if our thoughts typically run the other way. The thinking that underlies and reinforces any kind of illness may be deeply rooted. Some people believe, for example, that sickness is a necessary purgation. Or that it's karmic. Or that it signifies God's judgment. There are many reasons – highly personal reasons – why people may believe that a condition of ill health is necessary or inevitable.

The first step to overcoming those negative suggestions is for us to become aware that they are there. It's easy for habitual thoughts to pass undetected because they can seem like statements of truth. "I always get sick when the cold weather comes on." It requires some vigilance in order to catch inner monologues like that. But once you do, ask yourself why you accept that assumption as truth. Realize that you're giving your own body a negative suggestion when you repeat such thoughts. Feel the emotion behind it, and then use your imagination to focus your mind on ideas of vigor, strength, and health instead. Can you feel the difference in your emotional and mental state after that simple moment of meditation?

The body and mind really form a single system wherein there is constant give and take between them. Our bodies faithfully give us feedback about our inner states of mind. It can be difficult, it today's "a pill for every malady" climate, to credit that our thoughts have that much power over the ways in which we physically feel. But even within our modern medical profession with its arrays of wonder drugs one can hear stories of miraculous recoveries that were connected to radical changes in people's beliefs. Oftentimes, those who recovered had experienced a renewed sense of the value, beauty, and sacredness of life, and it was those kinds of thoughts that fostered their healing process.

We live in a culture that strongly encourages us to look outside of ourselves for both the cause and the cure for any illness that we may be suffering from. It can take a lot of willpower to believe in the power of positive thinking. Every one of us, though, is connected to the same source of life-giving energies. We can tap into that reservoir to heal and replenish our bodies with thoughts that affirm our right to life and health.

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