5 Signs That The Man You're Dating Is More Trouble Than He's Worth

5 Signs That The Man Youre Dating Is More Trouble Than Hes Worth

He might be hot. He might even have a wonderful job. But some men, no matter how wonderful they look or how successful they are, are just trouble. There are some things no one should put up with. Here are 5 of those things.

1. He wants you to carry his things

Chivalry may or may not be dead. The verdict is still out. Let's assume that it is dead. What does this mean? Your boyfriend won't carry things for you even if you're falling over from the weight of what you're carrying. Okay, maybe that's a bit much. Surely a man would help you in that case. Not being chivalrous is something that we can probably deal with. It crosses the line, though, when man hands over his stuff to be carried by you. It's one thing if you offer, it's another if he expects it. We do have to draw the line somewhere, don't we?

2. He expects you to serve him

We're way beyond the 1950s. We're past the 1900s altogether, so if there is any question about whether women should be serving men, the answer is no. And to be fair, men shouldn't serve women either. Relationships are about doing nice things for each other, not one partner having the upper hand and being waited on like a king. If you're dealing with a man who is stuck in the 1950s, it's important that you don't give in to these beliefs. Once you start abiding by what he expects, you can be pretty sure he won't accept you otherwise. So make it clear you're not his servant and if he wants something he can get it himself. If he won't, he knows where the door is. Don't give in and do what he wants just because he threatens to leave or find someone else.

3. His schedule is the only one that matters

You have the day off, your first one in a long time, and your boyfriend has to work. You have plans to go out with the girls. Your boyfriend wants you to come to his work at lunch and eat with him (sweet), but when you mention you already have plans, he pouts and tells you it's not fair. After all, why should you have the day off to enjoy yourself if he can't? Avoid the urge to cancel plans with your friends. This is your day. Let your boyfriend know you can try to plan your next day off together, but don't make it a habit that he'll expect. You are allowed time to yourself and to spend with friends or family. If your boyfriend always expects your life to revolve around his wants and needs, you're going to be one tired and frustrated girlfriend.

4. He's clingy

Sort of along the same lines as above, but while he may not expect your life to revolve around his, he's around all the time. You're beginning to think he doesn't have anything going on in his own life because he's by your side 24/7. A man without hobbies or interests or life of his own is sure to be clingy. Encourage him to hang out with the boys. You can't always be there to entertain him, nor should you be expected to. A grown man who needs you around constantly becomes more of a nuisance than a spouse. If your encouragement to get out without you isn't taken well, it may be time to rethink how far this relationship can go with you feeling smothered.

5. He just won't pay

You're out together and stop off to get a treat. You place your purchases on the counter and the next thing you know he's moved away from the counter and left you to pay or he holds out his hand for money. Man or not, this behavior is not acceptable. But it does happen. If it happens to you and you have the guts, simply divide your items and let him get his own. That might get the hint across. Whether or not you manage to do that it's still important to have a conversation about how you deal with money as a couple.

Being in a relationship requires work in the best of times. It becomes even more difficult when one partner goes to such extremes. The good news is you [b]don't[/b] have to put up with any of behavior you're not happy with.

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