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4 Signs That You're Dating A Good Man

4 Signs That Youre Dating A Good Man

It's hard to find a good man these days. That doesn't mean that you should settle for less than you want though. If you want a good man, wait for him. Here are four ways that you will know when you're dating a good man.

1. He's interested in your friends and family

Even if he hasn't met them yet, your boyfriend still asks about them. He knows your sister just gave birth to her first child, so he makes sure to ask how they're doing. He asks how your father is doing in his search for a new career. He doesn't pretend that your friends and family don't exist. He certainly doesn't have to ask about them every day, but just knowing he's listening to your stories about them and that he wishes them well means a lot.

2. He is ambitious

Ambitious doesn't necessarily mean workaholic, but he definitely has goals he wants to achieve and he's willing to work hard for them. This is especially important if you are an ambitious woman. He understands what it takes to get what you want. He'll be encouraging and maybe even help you to your goals.

3. He is a gentleman

Being a gentleman today might be slightly different than it was sixty years ago, but there are some manners that never go out of style. Opening doors for you is still a gentlemanly thing to do. Having manners is also important. Does he say please and thank you? Does he offer to help you clean the kitchen after you've shared a meal?

4. He shows rather than tells

Many people like to talk about how wonderful they are, but when you look at their actions they don't match up. A good guy doesn't talk about how good he is. He shows you. Actions truly speak louder than words. A good guy can say he loves you, but you know it's true because he does things that reflect those words. Anyone can say words, but it takes a person who means them to show them. People show their love in different ways. One might show his love by bringing you soup or something to comfort you when you're not feeling well. Another might make sure your gas tank is full because he doesn't want you to be stranded somewhere. Look at the actions before you believe the words.

If you've been looking for a good guy, but haven't found t him yet, don't give up. There are good guys out there waiting to be found.

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No 1 .... you met him anywhere other than a dating site ......lolangel
Are sure? This men do exist. Most just want talk about sex. I am very family oriented curious about my partner background unfortunately most have no interest. They are eigostric are worried that u get kids or u r after their material things. Insensitive people really its disheartening why we are in world thats feels so empty losing the only variable things. Love and family. Yes i wait, God to bring me one.
They are around us , i think so uh oh
My question is HE real? Maybe Man radar needs to get fixed it would go off by now...say men showed up in mailbox...sorry staff just I struggled so long finding that one and I kind gave up already. I don't think he out there in boat I see shadows and and...probably all fish I see don't exist out there underneath my boat...

Strangely being put on friend zone is off putting for men if you put woman in friend zone she not returning for second nibble...she leaving...sigh
Great advice isn't it?
Then from now on, all those men whose are dumped out must realize that why we are never need to be involved with you any more..
dancing cheering dancing
Thank's for the article. Really helps!head banger

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