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4 Texts You Shouldn't Send A Man You Like

4 Texts You Shouldnt Send A Man You Like

Just because texting is convenient doesn't mean you should take it for granted. Just like any other form of communication, especially with someone you like, you have to be careful about what you say and do. This article outlines 4 texts you should not send to a man that you're interested in.

1 The drunk text

This is the number one no-no when it comes to texts. When you're drunk you don't know what you're saying. You might admit your feelings in a way you weren't necessarily planning on. You won't be acting like yourself either, which will give him the wrong impression about you, especially if he doesn't realize that you're drunk.

2. The never-ending text

Texts are meant to be short and sweet. Don't use texts like email. If you send long-winded texts, chances are you will lose any interest he may have had in you. If you've made this mistake, you can attempt to remedy it by changing your bad habits. Wait a few days and then text him again, this time with more self-control. Showing this new side of yourself might get him interested again.

3. The whiney text

Have you ever texted a man to ask where he is and why he doesn't text you back? Do you become insecure and let it show in your texts? If so, you are sending the unattractive and whiney texts. Most men will be turned off by these kinds of texts. It's one of the worst ways to attempt to get attention from a man and hardly ever works. One of the most attractive qualities in a woman is her confidence.

4. The "accidental" text

This is the text that you pretend you've sent to him by mistake, but it was completely planned. When you send the accidental text you usually try to slip in a juicy piece of info so that you get his attention. This doesn't work. People can always tell when a text was sent accidentally on purpose. Nothing you write in that text will take away from the lameness of the situation.

Think before you text and don't make mistakes that will scare off a man you like. Texting can be a great form of communication if you use it properly.

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Oh dear think ive done all of tgese must be why im srill on my own lol

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