To Social Distance or not To Social Distance - 4 Tips for Dating During the Pandemic

To Social Distance or not To Social Distance 4 Tips for Dating During the Pandemic

With social distancing rules in place, dating is wearing a different look these days. People wonder how they are supposed to stay 6 feet apart, yet still meet new people and go out on dates. It is possible. Here are some tips to make dating in 2020 safe, yet always fun.

1. Use Email, Video Chat, Messenger to Get to Know New People

The age of the internet provides people with more options for communication than they ever had before. Going out with someone or continuously inviting them into your homes is no longer the primary way of getting to know someone. Email, messenger, and texting are three great ways to get to know someone new before deciding if they are worth the risk during these scary times. If face-to-face conversation is more up your alley, there are video chat options on most cell phones and internet messaging apps. By utilizing these resources, dating with minimal to no health risks is still possible by using modern technology.

2. Consider Going on Some Virtual Dates

Because of technological advances, potential couples also can plan virtual dates, which many are finding to be a valuable option during the pandemic. Some popular ideas include:

• Playing an online life simulation game together
• Planning a Facetime dinner and movie together
• Solve a virtual escape room together

The options for virtual dating are seemingly limitless. The only aspect of regular dating that virtual dating does not offer is physical contact, and during the pandemic, physical contact with anyone outside of your household is highly discouraged.

3. Be Selective in Who You Meet in Person, if Anyone at All

When using the internet and dating apps to meet new people, it is always important to be selective about who you meet in person. However, during the pandemic, it is even more critical because there are now additional possible threats to your life and the lives of others with the COVID-19 virus rampant. When you meet someone in person, always wear a mask unless you intend to stay 6 feet apart.

4. Communicate Expected Social Distancing Practices

When dating during the pandemic, whether virtual or face-to-face, it is essential to communicate all of your expected social distancing practices with any potential partner. If you wish for mutual COVID-19 testing before physical contact, express it from the beginning. If you expect masks worn at all times during any face-to-face dates, make sure this is known. Doing so helps ensures the elimination of anyone who does not agree to your terms. This way is quick and eliminates potential unnecessary risks early on.

One of the aspects of life most affected by the pandemic is the safety of dating and how to protect yourself from these new risks. Some people decide to put dating on hold until the virus is under control. Others do not do well with the loneliness. Following the above tips and advice to reduce the risks of dating during the pandemic.

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Very good advice.

Content is key and stories make the ears prick, those that were not listening start to listen when the story starts.

Practice makes perfect also, you’ll make a few mistakes first but you have to be willing to just go for it. That is where I am struggling.

Thank you!
Social distancing is horse pucky.

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