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How do you decipher your feelings for someone? How do you feel 5-10 minutes after conjugation? At this point, does the sex still make you feel closer to that person? Or are you beginning to feel regret and anxiety about what happened? If the latter, then it's most definitely not love but lust. Imagine the person you love in 50 years when they are old and fat. Would that change how you feel about them? If yes, then what you feel now is most likely lust/infatuation - not love. Lasting relationships are those that are built on love - not infatuation or lust.

It might be right to say that in the beginning of most relationship, it is very difficult for one to give a clear distinction of when they are in lust, when they are infatuated and when they are in love. Have it in mind that you're feeling all three at once to but to some degree. But here are certain ways you can draw a margin between love, lust and infatuation.

What really comes in your mind when you see that beautiful Lady or that good looking young man? Do you naked her/him in your mind? Do you begin to imagine how it would be like kissing him/her, if yes then you are lusting. And that to say, whenever you just want to consummate love to the person it is usually lust. If you want to be with them, learn about them, and maybe someday have a sexual relationship, you are probably in a good mix of all three.

Love is usually pure and a feeling that is mildly possessive but with lots of care, too; infatuation can be detected easily, when a persons says he loves someone, but is unwilling to talk, make any eye contact, or willing to do anything at all, but stay away, remaining shy; and lust can be known if your "love" shifts easily from one person to another, and lust is usually expressed through short physical/emotional (but mostly physical) relationships.

Love is when you love the whole person (spirit, heart, mind and body), lust is when you only love part of them, which means that you see only part of the person as having value and that the whole person is not valuable.

To help you make tough decisions about your relationship, ask someone you trust who has lots of experience with the kind of relationship you want for yourself. For example: say you want to be happily married to one person for life. If your parents have both been bitterly divorced three times, then they are probably not the ones to talk to. On the other hand, if they are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary of bliss together, then they may be ideal to learn from.

A major life-changing decision like moving in together, getting engaged or getting married should be a natural step if you love someone. It should not inspire fear.

Here is the kick, when you are taking the lead with your mind, you will always be cleared of what you going in for just like an apprentice will master his trade but when you allowed your emotions to take the lead, I bet you will end-up in a gutter someday.

If you're not sure about your feelings or your relationship, take things slowly, introspect. Spend time apart and see how you are feeling while you are away. Do you miss the person? Or are you more attracted to others when you are apart?

So take your time, and study each other. Real love takes root slowly and grows with time. "True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be." (Unknown) Infatuation grows into full bloom almost immediately.


Cheers my Friends...!!!

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Agree with broncos, inflatulation is not the same as inlove.

I used to feel good just after conjugating, if the teacher gave me a good mark. Russian verbs and adjectives are awfully hard to conjugate, so it was no little feat.

If a girl declined, that was hard. Especially what she declined was hard already.

This is the grammar of love.
what if u ran out of bullets lol.
There is a fine line between infatuation and love I do believe!!
Well written, time will tell,then comes a gift that should be forever,good luckheart wings lips

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