Three Reasons Why Ignoring Each Other May Be Good for Your Relationship

Three Reasons Why Ignoring Each Other May Be Good for Your Relationship

You're certain that your boyfriend is the "one". You're certain that your girlfriend is the only woman you want to make your wife someday. But no matter how much time you love spending with your significant other, space is an important thing to every relationship, even if your partner may be your best friend. Even "besties" need to be off doing their own thing once in a while. Spending time away from each other can be crucial to the longevity of a couple. But how can space make a relationship even stronger? There are three main reasons why ignoring each other for a while may be good for your relationship.

Two's a Crowd

Even if it seems like you and your partner share the same brain, have the same interests, and finish each other's sentences, getting annoyed with each other will definitely happen if all you do is spend time together and never apart. Last week it was fine with you to skip "Weeds" for an episode of her favourite reality show, but this week you have to skip "CSI" for a re-run of "The Biggest Loser". You may not have minded playing a little video games with him when you wanted to go out and see the newest Angelina Jolie flick, but this week again you find yourself having to ditch something you want to do for something he does. Even though a relationship is about unity and also compromise, people often forget that they are individuals. It's perfectly healthy to disagree and want to do things apart. An intuitive person will know when blood is starting to boil and know when to suggest a timeout.

Many couples are afraid to do things apart because of what it may "mean". The only thing it means for an already healthy couple whose partners truly enjoy being in each other's company is that both individuals want to pursue individual interests, and there is nothing wrong with that. While someone should definitely make the effort to partake in their partner's interests from time to time, whether it be shopping or going to a bar, to expect that of them every time is unfair. After you get done shopping with the girls, or hanging out with the guys, you can rest assured that the feeling of coming back into your partner's arms will be even better. A little space can make a world of difference.

You develop a greater appreciation for each other

What makes a vacation get-away so awesome is that you don't get to visit the destination often and have all that luxury treatment at your disposal. If you were on a vacation 24-7, not only would you start to take things for granted, it would not be as fun and exciting than if you had finally been able to go once after a hectic year of non-stop slaving in an office. It is the same thing for relationships. If your awesome guy or gal is constantly on your heels, you can easily start to take the great things they do for granted. One day you're telling your guy, "Thanks babes, I always love it when you massage me right after work." Soon you find yourself saying, "Wow, that was a short rub, babes. You usually do it longer and a little better than that." Give someone the time to miss you. However cliché it sounds, absence often does make the heart grow fonder.

For some people, the thought of letting their partner go out and do things on their own is a little frightening. Many people fear that they may be allowing cheating to happen if they let their mate mingle with the opposite sex when they are not around. But sometimes a harmless step back into the "single pool" with a bunch of single friends can be helpful to a relationship. If you really love your partner, accept their flaws, and love all the unique things about them, then every other member of the opposite sex that you meet just won't be able to meet up to their standards. It is always good to be reminded of what you have, and the best way to do that sometimes is by remembering exactly what qualities in a guy or girl turned you off and made you find the partner you're with now. Of course, this does not mean going out every night to a club by yourself with a person of the opposite sex. You are human. You want to be looking for space, not temptation. Whether you go shopping alone or spend a little time with friends, just make sure that at least once a week your mate is out of your sight and your mind is on other things. Of course, this does not mean neglect. You have to know where to draw the line between neglect and space, and you must communicate to your partner that wanting to take space isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you spend a little time away from each other, each next encounter will be a little sweeter. The more you allow someone to miss you is the more they'll want to call you from that club or call you when he is out with his buddies.

You May Need To Re-evaluate Your Relationship

Every relationship will encounter rough times. In many cases, partners will come to the brink of splitting time and time again, but both are too afraid to initiate a real break up or a real timeout so they can think about the future. Space is sometimes very crucial when couples are teetering close to the break up line. Sometimes relationships do need to be re-evaluated. Maybe one partner cheated on another and forgiveness hasn't really been decided upon yet. Maybe there needs to be more communication, some changes and compromises, but no one is willing to make any. Space at a time like this will have couples seeking out the advice of other neutral parties and getting a different perspective. It's a great time to get family advice from those who love and care about you. Relationships can be exhausting and trying, but time away from each other to get a clear head may be the single most important thing you could ever do to help your relationship get back on track. Sometimes, the scare of space is enough to set a partner straight and make he or she realize that you are serious about certain changes or certain comprises coming into effect. Nothing is more eye-opening than seeing your girl or guy say goodbye and close the door behind them . . . possibly forever. Couples have a better chance of getting back together and staying together when partners give themselves time to think things over and reflect upon what changes need to happen.

Space is a perfectly healthy thing in a relationship and will contribute to its longevity. If you give yourself time to breathe, time to keep growing individually as you grow as a couple, and time to develop an even better appreciation for each other, your relationship will definitely reach a new frontier.

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Absolutely right. Two is a crowd a lot of times. Space and privacy are vital in long lasting relationships.

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