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Philosophy of Dating

We all say that we are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right but too often do we find ourself with Mr. or mrs. Wrong. Why is that, maybe because it is a onesided love. We want for something so bad that it just takes over our heart. We are blind to what true love is. People think that money does not matter in a relationship, and when it does people think that you maybe a gold digger. While if you really love your mate you will take care of your self. Too many relationships are broke up because of a lack of money. Money does matter, but money is only one of the things that makes a relationship work. What happens at home must stay at home, you must support your mate in what ever they do. If your mate is into something you just do not care anything about, you better learn to like it so you can support your mate. Thats called love. If you truely love your mate you will make their day relaxing and less stressful. Understanding how your words and actions make your mate feel is the key to an ever-lasting relationship.

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