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You must be little philosophical and logical to understand this. Perhaps you will be surprised to hear that the type of toilet you use can have a direct connection with your health, especially if you are a non-exerciser.

Our body is naturally designed to get some of the important exercises it needs, during our day-to-day activities. Walking, running, climbing stares or trees etc; and housework such as washing, cleaning, sweeping, drawing water, polishing etc, exercise our body positively, if done in peace of mind.

Above most of these, the way you sit to pass stools (and also urine) plays and important role in your health. When you are in a squatting position, your anus (anal sphincter muscle) is easy to open and stools are naturally pushed along the intestinal tract towards the anus so that you do not need to unnecessarily force the stools to come out.

Not only that, the squatting position also is superb in giving sufficient natural exercise to both internal and external organs of the lower body every time you use your toilet. It strengthens the legs and joints to easily bear the weight of the body, and the digestive system and other internal organs to function smoothly.

Now you can imagine what may happen when you sit half-way on a so-called luxury Commode. You not only lose all the benefits of Nature that you get totally Free of Charge, but also make yourself half-sick in your lower body eventually. On the other hand, a Squatting Pan is more hygienic, easier to clean, time-saving, trouble-free and economical too.

Modernisation is a must and cannot be avoided in this busy world... But it is wise to accept everything that modernisation offers into your Personal Life...?

Those who have "yes" as the answer should take to a suitable system of exercise to compensate for the loss, if they want to stay healthy in the long run...

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I'm sorry but let me see if got it right:
It's better to squat. Right, but what do people who are disabled meant to do? I've spent almost six months on my back recuperating from an injury and couldn't bend at the knee. So, give me the benefit of your experience, on how i do my dodoos with good leg bent and my bad leg straight and my crutches?
Thanks goodness I'm now walking and what I can't give up is my Japanese toilet that has a powerful water jet for washing. Love being clean and not having to keep my left hand 37 miles away from the table.
What I completely agree with is sitting to pee - standing is a thoughtless, stupid, disgusting, unhygienic habit.
The most satisfying place to do the whole lot is in the great Australian bush - please - you don't need to make such a trip!
So do you sit on your commode or do you do it outside?laugh

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